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Social Media – And YAHTZEE!!

Now when you saw the all-caps in the title, did your fond memories think Yahtzee…YAHTZEE…or YAAAAAAAHTZEEEEE! Let me see the votes in the comment section. Just to get you in the mood, I had my wife and sister-n-law record a couple typical Yahtzee calls I hear in my house (usually while I’m watching Thanksgiving football…and they get more obnoxious as the Yahtzees accumulate). When the sister-in-law comes to town, you can bet the dice are rolling…and YAHTZEE can be heard throughout the house. Let’s talk Social Media and Yahtzee

For those of you that say Yahtzee is not a sport, we have ESPN televising Poker…just sayin’.

So how does Yahtzee relate to your Social Media strategy?

1. Stick to your Strategy

Believe it or not, Yahtzee is not a mindless dice game (that would be Bunko). There are numerous sites discussing Yahtzee Strategy. If you start with a scoring strategy, you are agreeing to play probabilities. To change your strategy midstream is to short-circuit those probabilities. You need to keep the same discipline with your approach to social media. Define the metrics by which you will measure ROI, define your strategy to out-perform those metrics, and then give yourself an appropriate amount of time to validate that strategy. Panicking and changing midstream could dilute your message, confuse your followers and potentially damage your brand (new Coke anyone?)

2. Triple Yahtzee

Triple your fun, and strategy, by playing three scorecards concurrently. You have more options and decisions to make with each roll, but the reward is a higher cumulative score. In the social media realm, go Triple Yahtzee with a multi-channel approach. At a minimum, I encourage active Twitter and Facebook presences. Then let your products/services determine if adding an active LinkedIn presence (frequent status updates, poll participation and group discussions), or active YouTube Channel (product and “How-To” videos) makes sense. Finally, starting your own blog and contributing comments to other blogs, provides those bonus points to put you over the top.

3. Enjoy the Camaraderie

The part of Yahtzee I love, and I don’t even play the game, is the laughter I hear coming from my wife and sister-n-law.  It is one of those little things that makes me love my life. I encourage you to not treat your social media interactions as strictly self-serving responsibilities/obligations for business success. Enjoy the interaction and camaraderie that will develop with tribe members around the world…who you would not have had a chance to know otherwise! Developing those relationships can be rewarding enough. Developing those relationships to the point that people want to do business with you, or recommend you to their own network, is priceless.

So what is your best Yahtzee anecdote? Are you playing Triple Yahtzee with a multi-channel social media strategy and perhaps enjoying some camaraderie along the way?

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Brian Vickery

I love my Vickery Girls - and grandsons! My career has blessed me to the point I was able to start a new consultancy in 2018: Analytic Integrity. I look to provide analytic experience, and business integrity, to an Analytics world while helping data-driven organizations mature. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin.

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  1. Yaaaaaaahttttzzzzeeee!!!

  2. Great advice, Brian! Good points. It’s also always good to remember that sticking to a strategy that has proven itself, after the appropriate time, to have no returns, is not worth worth it.

    The last point about having fun I particularly identify with. Anecdote to demonstrate: I tweeted Chipotle once to thank them for a free burrito. Joking, I asked them to marry me. They replied that they were already promised to Justin Bieber. Sure, this has nothing to do with burritos, but it made me laugh, and made me love Chipotle even more.

    • I completely agree with both comments, Tracy…and Heather, you Yahtzee with the best of them!


    Also I am listening and I will be getting the Twitter site up and running.