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Social Media – And 6-Pack Abs

So, I was running on a treadmill at Lifetime Fitness, and I was watching the bank of TVs. A little college women’s softball (sorry, not for me), a “little” Twitter scandal (play on words), Romney entering the Presidential race,  French Open match hasn’t started yet, oh…abs infomercial. Which beats the one on breast reduction because (1) I don’t need that, and (2) I’m embarrassed to look at it, look away, and risk flying off the treadmill ;).

FYI, I do not endorse the fitness products in this blog post. I’m just using them for illustration!

The abs infomercial called Hip Hop Abs came on the TV, and I’m thinking there has to be an interesting social media angle here.  You can skip over all the before/after images, and the crazy dance moves, and move straight to the 1:35 mark of the video.

The video points out that our traditional methods for doing abs exercises, crunches and situps, actually isolate the wrong portions of the body. The techniques displayed in the video engage all the abdominal muscles at once, and that is our social media parallel. To get our 6-pack in social media marketing strategy, we need to actively and consistently engage as many channels as we can while building relationships along the way.

  1. Social Network Presence – The first step of actual engagement is to be where the conversation is happening.  For different brands that may be combinations of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn (along with review sites and forums). I recently discovered bands/artists use sites like MySpace and LastFM. Find where people are talking about you and join in the conversation…keeping in mind it is a conversation and not an interruptive marketing opportunity. A social media monitoring tool like Pulse Analytics can assist in both finding those conversations and allowing you to join in.
  2. Comments/Answers/Retweets/Likes – Once you’ve established a presence, and lurked awhile to get a feel for the protocol for different groups, then start contributing comments to blogs and Answers on networks like LinkedIn and Quora. “Like” different fan pages and status updates, and be willing to share great content via the retweet. You not only help your own following when you retweet; you also assist the thought leaders that originated the content.
  3. Blogging – You may already be a thought leader who is well respected in your industry, and you are just now deciding to put that leadership in blog form. Or, you might decide to take a different tack on a familiar topic like writing sports analogies for social media. Social Media Today featured a post called Why Do You Blog. Regardless of your reasons for getting into blogging, it unquestionably will lead to more exposure for you and provide a platform to promote your brand or simply stay to the forefront with that thought leadership.
  4. Consistency & Relationship – If you are like me, you struggle with love handles. Personally, I’d love to see Oreos and Nutty Bars on the Food Pyramid (right next to fried chicken and milk gravy)! I put consistency and relationship on the oblique muscles because it requires perseverance to keep both of them in shape, and they are the first to be overlooked when you run out of time. It’s great if you make a big splash in your social media efforts, but you have to be prepared to consistently stay for the long haul.  If you look at it as a burden, then burnout is likely. However, if you focus on the relationships, you will be rewarded with some tight friendships. My buddy, Robert Caruso, wrote two great posts on the power of relationships built through social media: Social Media Business Creates New Family Connections and Social Media – It’s Relationship, Stupid!

So do you have a rock-hard social media persona, or is it time to work on the old love handles? What’s the hardest thing you have to do? Do you find your social media interactions burdensome or invigorating? When you run out of time in your day, what’s the first “discretionary task” to get postponed?

I look forward to your perspectives…

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