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Social Media – Wimbledon – Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in London

I love to play and watch tennis, and the last 12 months have revealed we might be in the midst of another Changing of the Guard at the tour level. I do not want to write the obituaries for Federer, Roddick, the Williams sisters, etc…but we are definitely seeing a trend towards the next generation of tennis players. All four of the aforementioned players have been knocked out of Wimbledon in 2011, and all four are accustomed to making the finals if not flat-out winning it multiple times! Here is one of the young guns, Andy Murray who is vying with Djokovic to win Slams and push Federer/Nadal out to pasture. By the way, his opponent is 32 years old and part of the old-guard establishment:

We also see Changing of the Guard with some of the social media channels…

McEnroe/Connors Sampras/Agassi Federer/Nadal
Evert/Navratilova Graf/Seles Williams*2/Henin/Clijsters



Timing for the Changing of the Guard can be very important regarding legacy, also.

  • It was tragic that Seles was derailed when a stalker stabbed her. She would have won a few more Grand Slams.
  • Graf, Agassi and Sampras probably could have held out for at least one more Slam, but their timing was close to ideal.
  • I think Henin and Clijsters retired too early and would have won another 1-2 Slams a piece.
  • MySpace went from being sold for $580 Million in 2005 to News Corp…was once valued at close to $1 Billion…and is now being sold to Specific Media for $35 Million in 2011!

Now for the questions:

  • Who do you think will have the next compelling tennis rivalry…in both men’s and women’s tennis?
  • What do you think will be the next compelling media channel?
  • Observing what happened to MySpace’s valuation, which current social network do you think is at its highest evaluation and will only decline going forward?
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