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Happy Anniversary – Love of My Life – Krista Vickery

I’m taking a diversion from my normal social media sports analogy focus, and I’m focusing on something a lot more important to me: My marriage to a magnificent woman. Ironically, I owe this inspiration to a new Tweep and her proposal blog: Becky Robinson.

I met Krista Faith Floore at a bar called Futures in Austin, TX on January 24, 1987. She was there with three of her guy friends, and I was there with a girl who was a friend from my apartment complex. I was drawn to Krista’s smiling eyes and dimples (and her dancing, of course). I finally screwed up my courage to go looking for Kris to ask her for a dance, and one of the guys (Clint Johnson, thanks for everything Clint) came up to me. My lovely wife will deny this, but Clint tells me “I know a girl who would love to dance with you”. I did dance with that beautiful young lady that night, and I swear I fell in love that same night.

She went home that night and looked me up in the phone book. I took it a step further and called her the next day. First thing she did was laugh at my Texan accent!! I also didn’t realize we were in the same Chemistry class…guess I actually had to go to class to notice (hey, I once fell asleep in a Chemistry test after a late night Journey concert the night before ;)).

I proposed to Kris on February 14, 1988 (my 20th birthday). I was smooooth! I’d already faked her out on the 1-year anniversary of our meeting by taking her to Old San Francisco Steak House. I had the lady-on-the-swing bring her a gift. She knew I’d be proposing at some point, so she got all nervous. She opened the weighted box (I had pulled that trick on her before) to find a scarf and slippers, HA!

So on February 14th, I blindfolded her and took her to a hotel parking lot where she met our guide for the evening of February 13th: the horse for a horse-drawn carriage with roses in the back! We rode to the state capitol and then walked the state capitol grounds. We arrived at a fountain (the only disappointment since it was more of a spritz :().

As the clock struck midnight and became Valentines Day, I hit the knee and proposed. Anticipating the “yes” I would receive, champagne was awaiting in the carriage when we got back.

We were married on July 1, 1989.

Today marks 22 years of marriage. Folks, I adore my wife. I love my life, my daughters and my job…that love would not be there without this incredible woman. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and my grandparents finally took custody of me after I attempted to run away from my situation many times. Krista picked up where my grandmother left off and taught me what it meant to love without limits. She is the most caring, generous, selfless, servant-hearted person I know. I attribute the love in our home, and the beauty residing in both of our daughters, to my wife.

Krista, thank you for who you are. You are my world and my role model! And yes…I know I still owe you a poem ;)! I look forward to a wonderful anniversary weekend with you…starting at Ocean Prime in Larimer Square and ending with a nice stay at the Curtis Hotel!

No apologies to my readers while I write this very public declaration of my love for my wife of 22 years: Krista Vickery!

Love you Schweetie/Darlin’!

Brian Vickery

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Brian Vickery

I love my Vickery Girls - and grandsons! My career has blessed me to the point I was able to start a new consultancy in 2018: Analytic Integrity. I look to provide analytic experience, and business integrity, to an Analytics world while helping data-driven organizations mature. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin.

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  1. Brian,

    That is simply awesome! I wish you and Krista all the happiness in the world and many more years of marriage to come.

    Enjoy your anniversary weekend!

    • Thanks, David. I’m sure we will share some wine.

  2. Happy Anniversary today and may you have many more fun celebrations ahead!

    • Thanks, Debra. Looking forward to it!

  3. Dear Brian,
    What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful wife and family. I am so glad you shared it. You are a true romantic. And as a romantic of course you love roses! What’s a great romance without them?! Also I love Savanah pics!
    Susan Fox

    • gagasgarden Thanks for stopping by with a great comment, Susan. I definitely courted Krista, and I still enjoy watching her smile and making her laugh. I now get help from two daughters…and now a grandson.
      Glad you liked Savannah’s pics. She looked good on that college campus – and she looked captivating in that red prom dress.


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