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Social Media – NFL – A DVR Kick in the Pants

Social Media – NFL – A DVR Kick in the Pants

I like to watch my sports live, but there are occasions when I cannot get back to the TV in time to catch the game. The goal is to then get back to the TV without logging into any form of social media, turning on the radio, or making eye contact with any other sports fan who might screw things up by showing their thrill…or disgust…with our favorite teams.
The Denver Broncos had the early game, and we catch the late church service that does not start until 10:30am. I left church after services before people could start giving me statuses from their smartphone. I even came home and fired up the Big Green Egg to smoke some salmon (careful to not engage any neighbors who might blurt the score). My lovely wife made me nachos, and I happily escaped to the basement where the DVR is located.
I went to watch a game — and a social media teaching moment broke out:

1. I skipped all commercials

Networks are not big fans of DVR because they know people skip the commercials. Companies do not want to buy ad-spots from networks as more people get devices to circumvent this form of interruptive advertising. As an aside, we watch TV Series on Netflix and subscribe to both SiriusXM and Pandora radio because there are no commercials!

Social Media Lesson: If your content curation on Twitter and Facebook consists of self-promotion only, people will skip you. You must engage your audience and provide fresh and compelling content. If responding to direct inquiry, do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Try to personalize the experience.

2. I fast-forwarded to the start of plays

I didn’t do this throughout the game, but the plays themselves are what I came to watch. I was not as interested in this particular set of commentators, so I would fast-forward to the start of the next play as they broke the huddle.

Social Media Lesson: I grew up learning the 5C’s of good writing. My senior English teacher hammered one home more than others – be concise. When blogging, you may capture a reader’s attention, but fatigue will kick in if you get too wordy. Get your point across quickly, and use pictures and video to help maintain reader interest. Do not use the fifty-cent word if the five-cent word will do just fine.

3. I did not skip to the end

I skipped the fluff between plays, but I did not want to miss the build-up to what I hoped was a climatic victory. I watched every play, so I could get amp’d up about my team’s chances to win one on the road. I also never skip ahead in a book because I want to be enchanted by the plot versus spoil it by knowing the ending before its time.

Social Media Lesson: Do not skip to closing the deal. This Open for Wooing video clip will reveal that I am a man with three girls in my house that like romantic comedies, but I think it perfectly illustrates that you cannot just skip to the reward! We should prepare to woo our 3Fs (friends, followers, fans) with great content, personal engagement and exceptional products and service.
Are you a DVR fan? What about other devices and subscriptions that circumvent interruptive advertising? What is your “ideal blog length”? How do you like to be woo’d as a consumer, and how do you woo your customers? I look forward to your comments, and don’t let YOUR social media efforts result in a DVR Kick in the Pants!
Photo Credit: DVR Time by Shardayyy, on Flickr

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