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Social Media Fitness – Fat Burning and Tribe Development

Social Media Fitness – Fat Burning and Tribe Development

Welcome to the second installment of Social Media Fitness – Zone Training: Fat Burning and Tribe Development. You can catch up by reading the first post discussing Zone 1: Active Recovery = Research/Strategy. Where the first post focused on “Preparing to Workout”, today’s post will focus on continued Base Building and Burning the Right Calories.

If you are like me, you look at fitness with the following understanding:

  1. The more I sweat, the harder my body is working
  2. The harder my body is working, the more calories I’m burning
  3. The more calories I’m burning, the more fat I’m losing

The body actually burns three types of fuel: Fat, carbohydrates and glucose. At rest, and at the lowest levels of activity, your body can get away with burning fat reserves. Add more activity and an increased heart rate, and the body needs to add carbohydrates to the “fuel mix”. Push really hard, and the body cannot keep up with converting the fat and carbohydrates into the necessary energy. So the body dumps glucose reserves into the system to meet the demand. There are two drawbacks to hitting this threshold: (1) if your goal is weight loss, your body quit burning the carbs/fat necessary to lose weight, and (2) your body now craves carbs and sugar to make-up for what it lost. Double whammy!!

The same scenario can happen in social media. We equate harder work with greater success. We strive for higher numbers, but our efficiency remains low – because we did not take the time to build our base. And that causes us to miss our goals.

Let’s complete this stage of the zone training fitness analogy by discussing the Objectives, Application and “Feeling” of Zone 2 in regards to both fitness and social media.


Fitness Teach your body to burn fat efficiently as well as build aerobic efficiency and improve endurance
Social Media Build a targeted and engaged tribe where earned trust leads to tribal advocacy that magnifies your message (without you pulling out the interruptive broadcast megaphone)


Fitness Go “long and slow” over distance to build that fitness base
Social Media Here’s a story for you. When I first joined Twitter, I went out and started following all the “social media luminaries”. I was going to drink from the firehose on my way to achieving luminary status myself! I got to 2,000 people I was following, and DOINK…DOINK…DOINK! I had to Google it to discover the 2,000 glass ceiling for aggressive following. Remember in the first post of this series how we discussed unrealistic expectations? Let’s build a strong, broad base versus sprinting to a high and unsustainable number. Here are some tips:

  • Target people to follow based upon similar interests, and then take time for those people to follow back. If you spend a weekend following 2,000 people, rest assured that you might get 25% of those people following you back – along with a lot of Twitter SPAM bots. Encourage people to follow you back by (1) adding a real and recent picture of you for your profile, and (2) completing your twitter bio accurately without using the words “ninja”, “guru”, or “follow back”. If you do not want to do manual keyword searches, you can setup a stream based upon keywords using HootSuite. You can even fine-tune your following parameters, and maintain a proper ratio of followers/following, using a tool called TweetSpinner.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile. Although this network is by far the smallest compared to Facebook and Twitter, I still see it as the most important professional network that is tailored for you to enter professional experience, accomplishments and recommendations. Do NOT become a LION = Linked In Open Networker. Instead, build your network by tapping into people you actually know or with whom you have a strong correlated interest like common LinkedIn Groups.
  • Establish a presence on Facebook. Opinions may vary, but my friends on Facebook are generally people with whom I’ve shared life. I have also discovered that it is entirely possible to share life with people I have never met in person (shoutout to my 12Most and Triberr mates). If you intend to promote a business, then create a fan page versus trying to find a happy medium between personal/professional messages on a single Facebook profile.
  • Google+ may build slowly regarding adoption and retention, but social search is very real and Google can afford to take the “long view”. If you intend to promote a business, you will want to create a Google+ profile and possibly a Google+ Business Page.
  • Pinterest/StumbleUpon/Slideshare – these will come into play when we get to Zones 3 and 4…be patient!


Fitness Body is working comfortably with no noticeable “burn”
Social Media You feel like a Voice of Community vs a Voice in the Wilderness. You have sustainable growth with your following, and you are starting to consistently engage your tribe – which encourages more people to follow you as they “vet you out” by reviewing your tweets and status updates. You are preparing to enter Zone 3 – Aerobic Endurance.
  • Anybody else have a DOINK…DOINK moment on Twitter like I did?
  • Did you know that both Fitness and Social Media Zone Training require good monitoring? I use a product called DigiFit for my fitness zone training, and I encourage you to review Mantis Pulse Analytics for social media monitoring.
  • Do you have a guess on my social media parallel to Zone 3 – Aerobic Endurance?

I look forward to your comments as we work through this series. If you enjoy these posts, please Stumble them to further encourage social sharing and discussion of these ideas.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, and you’re right — just because you’re posting 100 times a day doesn’t mean you’re posting anything of relevance.

    • Thanks for stopping by for the 1st time, Sean. It prompted me to check out your blog, and we are somewhat kindred spirits with our love of sports! Saw you pick up on the Saints bounty scandal – and yep, it’s been around for years at almost every level of football. I’m all for a good, hard…CLEAN…hit! Anything else, punish!

      Hope you can stick around for the whole Social Media Fitness series. You are right, gotta post relevant topics for the tribe you are building, but gotta build a tribe to appreciate what you are posting…

      • I’ll definitely be following the blog!

  2. I need to do ONE thing…eat and drink less. Hmmm, that’s two things!

    • Ah, but the kicker is – you may not be eating enough. Sometimes our bodies cling to calories because it isn’t getting enough of the good stuff. And beer and Oreo Balls do not count as good stuff (although they can taste mighty good)!

      • More protein is needed. Unfortunately most people do not give themselves enough protein.

        Brian, you are right that even though numerous food groups are present in Oreo balls, the packaging of those components leads to good taste vs. good nutrition.

        • I’ve definitely amp’d up the protein over the last several months. Also using amino acids after a heavy workout. And I always pace myself on the Oreo balls, but I sure like them!!

          Thanks for adding to the humor with the Oreo ball theme, Janet ;)

  3. Brian, aloha. Loved, loved, loved this post. Your advice on twitter was excellent. It seems that most of us make some twitter mistakes when we first join.

    Your analogy of social media and fitness is spot on. Building a solid foundation is the key to success in both.

    Wishing you a healthy, happy and productive week ahead. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • I thought DOINK…DOINK presented a nice visual of slamming against that glass ceiling. I’m glad you are enjoying the series. My latest addition to the series came out today, and it focuses on content curation.

      May we both have healthy, happy and productive weeks. Something tells me we will see each other in the Twitter, Facebook, and comment stream!


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