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C-Level at a Mile High – Innovative Approach to Business Development

C-Level at a Mile High hosted by the Colorado Technology Association

I’m writing this blog post to promote a Colorado business networking event because I appreciate its innovative approach. The event is called C-Level at a Mile High, and it is held at…where else…Mile High Stadium (Sports Authority Field).

The concept is simple.

  • The Colorado Technology Association invites Colorado C-Level Celebrities to the event.
  • These celebrities come with a cumulative total of over $1.0 Billion dollars in IT budget.
  • Attendees get to meet these C-Level Celebrities face-to-face, present their elevator pitch, and provide their card to an ambassador assigned to each celebrity.
  • Each attendee then has the opportunity to bid for more time with the celebrities. This additional time is usually creatively packaged around a golf outing, facility tour, lunch/dinner at one of Denver’s outstanding restaurants…or something even more extravagant and original. Don’t be surprised if the extra time also opens doors to more of the leadership team for that celebrity.
  • Attendees can use a mobile app to research each celebrity before introducing themselves. They can then have a better idea of the celebrity’s projects, preferred “product stacks” and even hobbies to use as ice-breakers in their brief discussion.
  • Attendees can also bid on silent auction items to exclusive golf resorts, ski and cabin getaways, sports packages (we live in Denver folks, we know our sports), winery tours and much more. It is one of the best stocked silent auctions I’ve ever seen, and it just keeps getting bigger!

Proceeds for this event are effectively used by the Colorado Technology Association throughout the year. CTA is a not-for-profit organization that is the champion for the IT industry in Colorado whether it is…

  • driving public policy improvements to encourage companies to relocate their operations to Colorado
  • partnering with K-12 schools with STEM initiatives and higher education on internship and job placement opportunities
  • matching up entrepreneurs with investors
  • encouraging and educating company leaders

And here is a secret I have learned after living in Colorado for almost 12 years: Colorado businesses like doing business with suppliers willing to invest in Colorado job/economy/education growth!

Rest assured that I will be at this excellent event again this year. I will probably be in my usual role of networking and posting my impressions on the different social media channels. I will seek out a handful of C-Level celebrities to show them Mantis Pulse Analytics social media monitoring. Then I will convey that Mantis is their one-stop-shop as a software solution provider with software development, test and project management teams, and an outstanding business intelligence practice for data integration, reports and executive dashboards.

I hope to see you at C-Level @ a Mile High! And let’s do business together in Colorado in 2012!

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Brian Vickery

I love my wife and two daughters. I am blessed in that I also love my job as a principal and EVP of the Rocky Mountain Region for Mantis Technology Group. I am excited to promote our Pulse Analytics social media monitoring and sentiment analysis solution as well as our core software development and business intelligence services. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin. You can find Brian on .

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Janet Callaway
Janet Callaway

Brian, aloha. What a great sounding event. Look forward to hearing your report. Best wishes for a terrific week ahead. Aloha. Janet

Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery

Thanks, Janet. I just think the folks at Colorado Technology Association are very creative with their approach (to this event as well as others). The ability to meet so many C-Level folks, with IT budget, in one location - and then bid on additional time - is incredibly original. I'll keep you posted on its success. The event is this Thursday!

Tami Gordon
Tami Gordon

Hi Brian -- This is the first I've heard of the app... do you have a link? Thanks and I'll look for you at the Event!

Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery

The software will be called C-Level 2012 and the developer is AspenWare. Look for it in the app stores early next week. You can then download the C-Level celebrities "project list" the day of the event. Meanwhile, you can plan strategy for hitting all four quadrants, being aware of bid close times, and work on your ice breakers for your elevator pitch time!