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Social Media Fitness – Aerobic Endurance and Content Curation

Social Media Fitness – Aerobic Endurance and Content Curation

Welcome to the third installment of Social Media Fitness – Zone Training: Aerobic Endurance and Content Curation. You can read about Zone 1 and Zone 2 to catch up with the series. We have warmed up by doing our research and preparing our strategy. We then spent some quality “base building” time in our Fat Burn zone as we built up our social media tribe. Now we are ready to Build an Endurance Platform.
Let’s complete this stage of the zone training fitness analogy by discussing the Objectives, Application and “Feeling” of Zone 3 in regards to both fitness and social media.


Fitness Exercise longer at anaerobic intensities, improve threshold, burn more calories while still burning fat efficiently
Social Media Start to leverage the reach from our “base building” Zone 2 tribe development while continuing to build their trust with timely, relevant content curation.


Fitness Long moderate intervals (if interval training) and steady runs
Social Media
  • Let’s talk “long moderate intervals” first. These should be the long time lapses between your self-promotional broadcasts. Your tribe will expect you to promote your brand; however, they do not want you picking up the “always on” megaphone to yell “YAY ME”. Your feed should be a combination of bi-directional engagement, news and blog posts relevant to your interests, and occasional self-promotion. Even then, steer clear from faceless marketing-speak. You are taking the time to build relationships, so tailor your message to the relationships. Some people vote for ratios of 70/30 or 80/20 between content curation and self-promotion. My personal ratio is probably closer to 90/10.
  • Keeping with the interval theme, having a high-intensity spike and calling it a day will not help you build aerobic endurance. In fact, you will lose fitness over time. Having a spike in tweets or Facebook/Google+ status updates will cause you to lose that tribe that you patiently built in Zone 2. Provide suitable “intervals” between your updates. I use three techniques to optimize my intervals.
  1. I use BundlePost every morning to curate content from a mixture of blog RSS feeds, Feedly on topics I enjoy, and a combination of personal blog and Pulse Analytics promotion. I can quickly curate content for multiple social media profiles using exports from BundlePost that I import into HootSuite’s Bulk Scheduling.
  2. I use Buffer throughout the day to pace my updates. If I read 5 great articles in a row, I do not want them going out within a total duration of 10 minutes. Instead, I want to space them out for my tribe to enjoy. Buffer is perfect for this task…especially when curating for multiple social profiles. I even opt for the paid version because it saves me significant time versus manually scheduling in HootSuite.
  3. I periodically review my HootSuite streams (based upon Twitter lists, @Mentions and Direct Messages), Facebook wall, and Google+ stream so that I can directly engage with tribemates or Share/RT their great content.
  • Regarding “steady runs”, stay measured and consistent. Balance out your updates throughout the day, and take a little time every day. Exercising one day per week will not build your fitness, so do not expect content curation one day per week to build your true influence.


Fitness Muscles definitely feeling the work, still making it through the exercise, but starting to breathe harder and get a muscle burn
Social Media Just like our muscles start feeling the burn, and we breathe harder while doing an aerobic workout – we are starting to feel the resource impact of our content curation. Social Media is not free. At a minimum it costs resource time, and you should consider the paid options for the inexpensive tools I suggest in this Social Fitness series. Regarding people resources, allow them to allocate time exclusively for this content curation and engagement exercise, or these resources will burn out over time.
  • Did you know that both Fitness and Social Media Zone Training require good monitoring? I use a product called DigiFit for my fitness zone training, and I encourage you to review Mantis Pulse Analytics for social media monitoring.
  • Do you have a guess on my social media parallel to Zone 4 – Anaerobic Endurance?

I look forward to your comments as we work through this series. If you enjoy these posts, please Stumble them to further encourage social sharing and discussion of these ideas.

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Brian Vickery

I love my Vickery Girls - and grandsons! My career has blessed me to the point I was able to start a new consultancy in 2018: Analytic Integrity. I look to provide analytic experience, and business integrity, to an Analytics world while helping data-driven organizations mature. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin.

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  1. Brian, your analogies are simply amazing. You must think in analogies which makes it so easy for people to relate to what you are saying.

    Love, love, love this clip on AIU, The Unparty school.

    Thanks for starting my day and week with a HUGE smile. #YouMatter ((Hugs)) and aloha. Janet

    • Thought you would appreciate that 80/20 reference, Janet – since I had just read it on your blog earlier in the week.

      Glad you are liking the analogies – sometimes I can really go off the wall with one (like teaching how to do a judo throw by equating it to “sliding down the firemen’s pole).

      • Brian, aloha. Yes, thank you so much for the 80/20 reference and the link.

        Off the wall = memorable!

  2. Oh my goodness, Brian. I didn’t share this immediately because I needed to read through it. I feel like I’m taking a 200- or 300-level class in social media here (which I desperately need)! You know how much I love your analogies regarding fitness, but I want you to know that you are really teaching me a great deal about the social media process. I do not fully understand about content curation (I’m not even sure I know what that entirely means), but I am learning through you, so thank you. I am going to look into the tools you suggested. Because I do know at least something about fitness, your analogies are helping me to make sense of it. You should totally teach a college level class in this. The pedagogy is so sound! Ellen

    • You are beyond kind with your compliments, Ellen. I definitely “ramped up my learning curve” on becoming efficient and effective with my own social media. I am happy to pass along some of that experience to others. And I do love a good analogy, so this gives me a great platform to teach.

      Ah, if only I could teach – that’s my next career! I get excited regardless of what I teach. I once told I guy I could teach him how to open a door, and it would be the most enthusiastic presentation he ever saw. Even though I am an introvert, I get excited when presented the opportunity to pass along a little knowledge.

      I hope this 5-part series helps you not only review the different social media strategy “zones”…but also introduces you to what I consider some great tools to make it a more enjoyable experience for both you and your tribemates.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ellen.

  3. Well BV, just got back from the gym where I did interval aerobics between sets of weights. I think that is an ideal work-out. Takes about 75-90 minutes and it maintains a decent heartrate. As for my SoMe fitness, I’m violating badly – lately – the 80/20 rule with too many RTs of tweets from my Triberr tribes. I do this especially “bad” with the #DadChat posts as I care so much about continuing to build our community. On the other hand, I still do 10-25 comments a day among my tribemates and a few elsewhere. Does that sort of even things out?

    • Bruce, you have such an established following that share the same passions when it comes to parenting. Therefore, it makes sense your ratios would be a little “off”. And I think you more than offset it because I know how diligent you are at getting around to everyone’s individual blog posts (as well as 12 Most contributions) to leave personal comments. And your #DadChat Twitter chat is absolutely an asset to the parenting community!

      You are truly a workhorse, and I am always glad to see your comments on this blog!

      As for the workout, I agree with you. I love to develop “mini-circuits” for that day’s workout. My issue right now is that I am retraining my body in the lower zones to be more efficient with the fat burning. Therefore, I have to keep my heart rate below threshold. Annoying when you would prefer to work up a good sweat!

  4. Brian I thoroughly enjoyed this series so far and am really looking forward to the next one. There is something here for everyone, even those who think they’re in Zone 3 and beyond. I always love your content and feel you’re making a great contribution to the business community. I agree with you about the 90/10. What we do on and offline tells a story about us, people resonate and connect for all the right reasons and everything follows from there. I know because I’ve made the most wonderful friends and business associates as I know you have as well. Thanks again Brian, see you online and back here for sure!

    • Thanks for stopping by with your comments, Jan. I’ve taken a look at your XeeMe profile, and I can see you have definitely moved through all the zones of Social Media Fitness. Now it comes down to maintaining the discipline to continue working through all the zones to keep the foundation strong and supportive of your performance goals.

      Of course, you will see where I mention blog commenting as a definite strategy for building up Zone 4 – Anaerobic Endurance and Content Creation. So I sincerely appreciate your contributions here.

  5. Brian, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and am looking forward to the next one. There’s definitely something here for everyone, even those who are in Zone 3 or beyond. I always love your posts and thank you for your amazing contribution to the community. We’re in agreement especially about the 90/10 – everything we do online and how we present it tells a story about “who” we are, the right people will find points of entry through common interest and endeavors and the rest follows from there. I’ve made some wonderful friends and business associates and I know you have too. Thanks again, see you online and back here for sure!

  6. I’m new to Twitter. This series is very helpful. I just added Buffer.

    • Excellent news, Linda. You will find Buffer very easy to use. If you had to start out with a handful of inexpensive tools to rapidly grow your influence and engagement, I’d start with a combo of HootSuite Pro, TweetSpinner, Buffer -> and setting up Google Alerts. I’d then move into using a tool like BundlePost to curate content if you are managing multiple accounts (or use their lower price point offering even to manage just one set of accounts). Then start looking for opportunities to blog/guest blog and be an active participant in blog comments and LinkedIn Answers.

      Then folks should bump up to Pulse Analytics for the enterprise-class social media monitoring and sentiment analysis. We are a less expensive option than some of the bigger boys, and initial impressions from demos are that we are a lot more intuitive!

      Good luck, and keep folks posted on your progress!


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