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Social Slam 2012 – Brian Vickery’s #SoSlam Recap

I decided on another vlog to recap my Social Slam 2012 experience. First, Knoxville Tennessee is a beautiful venue, and Old Town was charming as well as boasting nice restaurants and entertainment. Mark Schaefer is an outstanding host and event planner, and he secured relevant and insightful speakers (including himself). I anticipate next year’s event will be even bigger!

Here are some more highlights:

  • Margie Clayman was my conference buddy. From witty banter, to non-VIP’ing in the morning session with Sam Fiorella, to sitting in the front row in our imposing brilliance during the Fiorella/Sean McGinnis/Eric breakout session, to rollin’ with the VIPs for the afternoon sessions that included Marcus (The Sales Lion), Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer, I could not have picked a better conference buddy. And having Sam between us for those first sessions saved me a few smacks on the shoulder (thanks for running interference, buddy).

Sam Fiorella, Margie Clayman and Brian Vickery - no posers here!

  • Speaking of Sam Fiorella, it was great to meet him in person. It was a shame to shatter the myth that I am 6 feet tall! Besides enjoying his humor and viewpoints on several social media topics, I most appreciated what people said about Sam – when he wasn’t even around! The man has his fans, and he built them through intelligence, sincerity, and a focus on the relationships
  • Speaking of 6 feet tall – and upwards – it was nice to meet Sean McGinnis in person. In addition to appreciating his in-depth understanding of SEO and the impacts of Social Search, I also appreciated his willingness to include me for a great dinner after the conference after-party.
  • Thanks to that dinner, I was able to meet Amy Howell and her Howell Marketing gang. I am a fan of Amy’s. The opportunity to see her passion for her clients’ marketing strategy, as well as her excitement with assisting a special needs school with marketing and outreach, confirmed my high opinion of this intelligent, driven business owner.
  • I enjoyed meeting both Brad Miller and Kim Garst in person. We’ve shared opinions on topics that included social media, sports, and awesome pictures and quotes. Having met both of these people in person, I can see where they could build a trusting client base.
  • Jayme Soulati was an engaging addition to my professional network. She had a contagious energy and enthusiasm, and I liked her man on the street videos during the conference.
  • Jon Moss did not sing with Culture Club – he just knows a lot about LinkedIn and the power of video to efficiently help expand your marketing reach. I enjoyed our discussions at dinner the night before the event as well as a breakfast chat the morning after the event!

Finally, here are a handful of great quotes from the conference.

  • People don’t like change. Sometimes, you have to force a crisis to make change happen. ~ Gini Dietrich
  • One of my favorite places to put a blog address is an invoice. Clients look at invoices. ~ Stanford Smith
  • This isn’t Hollywood – no need for big budgets in biz videos. ~ Stephanie Wonderlin
  • Every task you ask of your fans should add value, not work. ~ Marisa Peacock
  • Are you on LinkedIn or IN LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a great place to create SEO for yourself. Virtual tie with Don’t cross the streams ~ Jon Moss
  • More employees pay attention than you’d think. Show them how to speak with customers. ~ Lynsay Caylor
  • Dangers of data: lousy headlines, crappy correlation, and terrible infographics. Virtual tie with Algorithm = math + assumptions and Social media alone will never give you the answers, but it will give you better questions. ~ Tom Webster
  • Stop trying to outsmart Google, start thinking like them. ~ Eric Pratum
  • Page rank is the secret sauce of Google search. Today links still matter more, but author trust is on the rise. ~ Sean McGinnis
  • Ideation to execution is the hardest part of entrepreneurship. Virtual tie with We have to get clarity on the difference between privacy and personalization. ~ Mitch Joel
  • There are 4.5 people a day reading my blog, and I have had an impact on one of them! ~ Dr. Alice Ackerman
  • The spiritual nature of social media is that people beg for love and earn respect. ~ Billy Delaney
  • Email marketing not dead, undead, very not dying. ~ DJ Waldow
  • You want to get inbound links? Write good stuff! Virtual tie with Content is the greatest sales tool in the world. Period. ~ Marcus Sheridan
  • Content that moves through an engaged network is power. Virtual tie with Influence has been democratized through the Internet. ~ Mark Schaefer

If you attended Social Slam 2012, who was your favorite speaker? What was your favorite quote? I do hope to attend in 2013!

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Brian Vickery

I love my Vickery Girls - and grandsons! My career has blessed me to the point I was able to start a new consultancy in 2018: Analytic Integrity. I look to provide analytic experience, and business integrity, to an Analytics world while helping data-driven organizations mature. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin.

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  1. Brian, aloha. What a great recap. Your vlog with the notes underneath made it easy for me to appreciate what a terrific experience it was. Glad you had such a good time learning and connecting with friends–”old” and new.

    Looks like spring has arrived in CO and it sounds like the birds are very happy about it.

    Thanks for the time you spent putting this together and for sharing your experience. Until next time, aloha. Janet

  2. Hello Brian and thank you for the mention in you vlog/blog post. We spoke at the pre-event party at 90proof. You made me feel confortable among people I had yet to get to know, which did not take long at all. Your pleasant and easy going manner was something that stood out in my mind. It was a pleasure to get to know you. Thanks for all of that. Billy

    • Thanks, Billy. It was outstanding to meet you, and I also appreciated our pre-event discussion at 90proof. I like the approach you are bringing to your business, and I definitely enjoyed your presentation. “The spiritual nature of social media is that people beg for love and earn respect.” is definitely a keeper, and it explains so much about our social media interactions.

      Hope to see you back in the comment section soon, Billy – and let’s see if we can compare notes in person again next year at Social Slam.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time a the conference and got to meet some exceptional people!

    • Absolutely! I can’t say enough about how pretty Knoxville was – and how accessible everything was (I didn’t even rent a car). And then the conference itself is unique regarding how inexpensive it is for the the quality of speakers and professional networking opportunities. I highly recommend it!

  4. Great recap. Felt like I was there…wait…scratch that…never mind! One of my big takeaways was meeting you, Brian, at the event. The content in the room was excellent, but the connections made in the hallways are priceless.

    • Absolutely agree with your assessment, Jon. I’m glad we had a chance to meet and grab a couple drinks with the Hampton Inn SoSlam gang before the VIP reception as well as talking throughout the event, the after-party and breakfast before everybody went their separate ways on Saturday. Keep us posted on “What Drives You…”, and thanks for stopping by with your comments.

  5. Excellent recap! I see you caught me (Waldo-like) taking a picture of Sean McGinnis taking the picture of you, Sam, and Margie. It was a pleasure meeting you at the conference, hope to keep the connection going!

    • That is funny, Rosemary! And I appreciated having a few discussions with you regarding Seattle, social media and Social Slam. Let’s reload for next year!

  6. Thanks for a great recap of an even I’m sorry I missed. From the location to the speakers, it sounds like a worthwhile time. Maybe next time….

    • It was definitely a great event, Craig…with an outstanding venue in a picturesque city with a quaint Old Town. Mark Schaefer wrote a blog post that included links to a few other recaps if you would like to read them.

  7. Dying; this is my third time posting this comment. Who knows what it has morphed into now?

    1. Thanks for the link love.
    2. Come by my house to find you today; up close and personal.
    3. Please shamelessly self promote in my comments as audio failed at just the right moment.
    4. Your takeaway upstairs is spot on!


    • Jayme, it was fantastic to meet you at Social Slam. I enjoyed the (wo)man on the street videos you did throughout. And of course, I’m glad you included me in your short list and on your channel. Next time we are in Knoxville, we carry the tennis racquets and get Mark and Deb out on the court!

      • I already have a rivalry going with Deb…she’s gonna be game for that!

        • Cool – meanwhile, I’m playing my first USTA singles match this Wednesday – in over a decade!

  8. I wish I had a travel budget right now. My top priority is making it to a conference. It gives me motivation to keep looking for work, so I can get a chance to meet with people. The social experience online and off are very different. I would like to bridge the gap more than I do.

    • Susan, I would highly recommend Social Slam, then. We have a very small marketing budget – and we are definitely loathe to pay travel expenses. Social Slam makes it easier because the cost is very inexpensive, and the speakers are still top shelf. Then you get a great opportunity to network with folks you are already getting to know so well via Twitter/Facebook/Google+.


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