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Hecklers’ Hangout – featuring Margie Clayman and Brian Vickery

Hecklers’ Hangout – featuring Margie Clayman and Brian Vickery

Introducing a new online “talk show” brought to you by Margie Clayman and yours truly: The Hecklers’ Hangout!

The Hecklers’ Hangout Back Story

Margie and I attended Mark Schaefer’s Social Slam 2012 in Knoxville, TN. We picked the front row during an SEO Panel discussion featuring Sean McGinnis and Sam Fiorella – and we designated that row to be Hecklers’ Row. We joked about taking our act on the road, but hey…travel costs are expensive!

Instead we decided to leverage the most excellent Google+ Hangout capabilities to take our act on-air!

The Hecklers’ Hangout Format

We will invite guest speakers to the show. They will have 15-30 minutes to present their topics, and those topics can range from “How-To’s”, to book/product releases, to marketing and social media strategies, to even an “open mic”. When the guest speaker is done with the presentation, we will open up the floor for heckling.

The Hecklers’ Hangout Rules of Engagement and Notes

  1. This will be a Hangout on Air, so multiple viewers can watch in Google+ directly or on the YouTube channel.
  2. Guest speakers are free to share their computer screen for product demonstrations.
  3. “Heckling” will be respectful questions to gain more insight into the topic or product.
  4. A recording of the Hangout will remain available on YouTube after the live session.
  5. There will be a blog follow-up that provides a brief summary of the discussion along with a link to the YouTube video. The blog is for the purpose of continuing the discussion in the comments section.
  6. Interested parties should reach out to us on Google+, so we can Circle them with a Hecklers’ Hangout Shared Circle. Here is my Google+ profile, and here is Margie’s Google+ profile.
  7. Topics may vary, but we will focus on How-Tos/Human Interests, Technology, Marketing, and Open Mic each month. Reach out to Margie and me if you have topics you would like to present or see discussed in a Heckler’s Hangout.

Expect these Heckler’s Hangouts to be very conversational and casual. Our goals are to communicate and educate…and have a little fun along the way.

Please join us as we welcome our first guest, author and professor Ellen Bremen, to the Hecklers’ Hangout on September 6th, 2012 at 7pm EST / 4pm PST. She will be discussing college students making the adjustments to college life and some of the more common obstacles to their success. We feel that Ellen’s book – Say This, NOT That to Your Professor – is an outstanding resource for college students. We look forward to her insight and to your insightful heckling!

Hecklers' Hangout to discuss STNT and college prep

Be safe this holiday weekend!

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Brian Vickery

I love my Vickery Girls - and grandsons! My career has blessed me to the point I was able to start a new consultancy in 2018: Analytic Integrity. I look to provide analytic experience, and business integrity, to an Analytics world while helping data-driven organizations mature. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin.

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  1. Professor Bremen’s book is a MUST for entering college kids and “entering” parents, like me – to get an idea of how much things have changed since the sixties!

    • I absolutely agree, Bruce. I enjoyed reading the book, and I definitely reflected on my own college education…and how I did NOT take advantage of opening communication channels with my professors.

      Now I have one in college, and another starting the application process. I would like both of them to read and apply the lessons in STNT.

  2. Brian,
    Great, succinct presentation! Nice shirt!
    You & Margie have a great concept!
    Susan Fox

    • Thanks, Susan. Margie and I have some nice “play off of each other”. Perhaps it is because we both recognize the hopelessness of Cleveland professional sports teams right now ;).

      Reach out on Google+, and send me a message to let me know if you want to be part of the Hecklers’ Hangout circle.

  3. Oh you know I want to be there but, alas, I’ve got a class. School comes first. Your first guest can appreciate that, I’m sure. ;-D. I will plan on being one heck(le) of a commenter on the blog posts, though!

    • I will put you in the circle anyway, Doug – you’re “family”. Yeah, do well in that class. We may not finalize in this time slot, but we definitely did not want to encroach upon the excellent DadChat and CollegeChat that happen later that evening.

      And we always appreciate your comments to keep the discussion going…

  4. This is a great idea Brian & Margie!! Great book for college students!

    • Every college student should be “sent off” with this book – if not, they should make the personal investment because it provides great insight into typical obstacles…and how to proactively address them.

  5. I love this Brian! Social media definitly allows for us to share ideas in a new way! I have never thought about an open mic format for the online community, especially with the heckling format (yes I know you mean respectful.)

    I do have to ask since you were on the front row at the SEO Panel Discussion and you designated yourself as hecklers row… how did it work out? Was it engaging for the speaker?


    • Well, it helped to know the panelists, so yes – it was helpful. Both Sam and Sean sat with Margie and me at different times during the main sessions, also. Sam was at the height of his anti-Klout movement…he even changed his Twitter account to say Klout=0 over his profile pic.

      Margie spent half the morning smacking either Sam or myself…some real transgressions, and some she just felt like smacking us, I think.

      • LOL…I can imagine how it would be funny and possibly a “smackable” offense. I would hate to be around you guys talking about fatherhood and the benefits of it. Plus on top of that me being a stay-at-home dad right now I would be open season….All I could tell you guys is sometimes you have to take one for the team…lol…Your cracking me up Brian just with the thought of it!


        • Good news about a Hecklers’ Hangout – Margie can’t smack me over the airwaves ;)

  6. Brilliant idea! And, Brian: GREAT presentation – outstanding video. Hmm…this could be a fun event! Gotta check in to see how Ellen’s message turns out!

    • Thanks, Chris – and of course, I doubly appreciate the compliment regarding the video since I highly respect your presentation style. Send me a note on Google+, and I’ll make sure you are in the Hecklers’ Hangout circle.

  7. Brings back memories…. :)

    • Loved that trip. Social Slam rocked, and it was great to meet online friends in person, Sean. Good to put a voice to the personality!

  8. heck·le/ˈhekəl/
    Verb: Interrupt (a public speaker) with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse (and a meringue pie!)

    I’m so in!

    • Hey, if you want to come visit us at Ellen’s with that meringue pie, you are welcome to throw it my way! Look forward to you joining us, Sam.

  9. Looking forward to it! Cheers! Kaarina


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