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#HecklersHangout Number One – Ellen Bremen

#HecklersHangout Number One – Ellen Bremen

Hi everyone!

Well, this last Thursday was the inaugural showing of Hecklers’ Hangout. As a review for those of you who may be new to the concept, Hecklers’ Hangout is a show that Brian and I host on Google Plus via a hang-out (hence the name). Normally the event will also be live streamed via Brian’s YouTube channel but the Google gods are mad at us for some reason and the live streaming did not, sadly, work. Boo.

Despite those technical difficulties, we had a lot of fun “hanging out” with our first guinea pig, I meant, guest, Ellen Bremen, aka @chattyprof, author of Say This Not That To Your Professor.

Joining us around the table were guests Angie Mozilo, Chris Westfall, Jure Klepic, Kaarina Dillabough, and Dawn Rasmussen (normally we’ll only be able to have 7 folks hang with us, but last night Brian happened to be in Seattle, so he was able to *actually* hang out with Ellen!).

Our conversation was mostly guided by Ellen’s book, which you should definitely check out, particularly if you are a professor, a student, or the parent of a college student. We ended up talking about the importance of communication skills and how professors in all departments, not just Communications, need to accept responsibility for helping hone the ¬†ability of their students to communicate effectively. We also talked about the impact social media has had on students and on professors.

Overall, it was a lively discussion – we are sorry we cannot provide a link to an archived video this time around, but in the meantime, if you have any questions for Ellen, Brian, or me, leave them here or ping us on Twitter or Google Plus with the hashtag #HecklersHangout.

We’ll be back next week – make sure you contact Brian Vickery on Google Plus so we can add you to the Heckler’s Hangout circle!

Image courtesy of Scott Freiheit via Wikimedia Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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  1. Looking forward to future Hangouts:) Cheers! Kaarina

  2. Brian and Marjorie,

    Even though you had technical difficulties congratulations on getting the first one done! I know it’s always a good feeling of accomplishment and worth of starting a new endeavor and seeing it come together. Hopefully I can participate in one of the future ones with you all!


    • Thanks, Aaron – we’d love to have you on a Hecklers’ Hangout. We sure appreciated the folks that came online to support our inaugural Hangout, and Ellen did a great (and enthusiastic) job as our first guest.

      We will be testing the YouTube recording *AGAIN* prior to the Hangout this next Thursday.

  3. It is always good to get the first one out there! It only gets easier from here.

    • We can hope, Susan! We will be double-checking that YouTube recording feature again prior to the next Hangout, but it was great to see new tech in action. We hope they continue to be entertaining and educational!


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