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#HecklersHangout Number 2 – BundlePost!

Use BundlePost to help you rapidly curate social media and personal contentHi everyone!

We just finished up our second ever Hecklers’ Hangout, and after sacrificing three kittens, 5 puppies, and two unicorns, we got the YouTube simulcast part of this shindig to work as well! Yahoo!

So tonight our special guests were Robert Caruso (aka @fondalo) and Rich Cottle (aka @rcottle86) of BundlePost. BundlePost is a very interesting tool that allows you to control content for multiple accounts across multiple platforms. We got to see a quick-run through of the site’s features via screen share and then the heckling (i.e. very nice questions) began.

To learn more about BundlePost you can visit the BundlePost site or check out their YouTube channel.

Speaking of YouTube, you can watch the whole show because we have it archived on YouTube!


Join us next week when we talk to author Ric Dragon! More about that on Monday! Thank you for joining us!

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