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#HecklersHangout Number 3 – Ric Dragon Rocks The Social Marketology

#HecklersHangout Number 3 – Ric Dragon Rocks The Social Marketology

We had a lively turnout at Hecklers’ Hangout Number 3, and Ric Dragon did not disappoint. Social Marketology provides an excellent blend of historical perspective on marketing as well as the increased impact of social media in the marketing realm. I read the book prior to the Hangout, and I’m thinking “where does this guy get all of these cool facts…and how did he manage to weave them all into a cohesive book?!?” Since I do not come from a marketing background, his insight into the psychological/sociological/ethnographical studies that helped shape “marketing as we know it” provided a great primer for me. I come from a software and data architecture background, so I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about A.C. Nielsen, Robin Dunbar, and a few other marketing theorists.

Ric took us through a presentation that described the Social Pyramid Diagram, and how each social platform addresses sections of that pyramid. Here is an example for Google+ (in deference to our using their Hangout feature for our online show):

We can use tools like this Social Pyramid to best determine how we should engage, as brands, on that particular social media channel. In some cases, we can use the pyramid to determine that a social channel is not suited to advancing our brand goals.

There was some heckling around the topic of brand “Voice”. In summary, Ric affirmed it is absolutely necessary to understand both the platform and the target audience before establishing the brand voice for a particular environment. However, even if a brand changes the tonality of the voice (for example, to appeal to a particular demographic or communication style consistent with a social channel), it is imperative that the message and the vision for the brand stay consistent.

As with any social media marketing discussion, the topic of ROI came up. Some hecklers take a hard-line stance that ROI can only be measured by the impact to the bottom line – did I move the needle and put money in the bank…or did I take brand protection steps to keep from losing customers? Of course, whenever some hecklers see an Excel spreadsheet that tracks the number of Likes/Followers/Subscribers, they get a little testy because they do not view “Chasing Likes” as a strategy.

We quickly blew through the one hour as Ric was getting into a great discussion regarding micro-segmentation. You gotta love a lesson that starts out with Farm Animals!! I will give you a hint: the book does a great job of illustrating how you can take a broad marketing segment (Animal Lovers) and get a lot more specific by asking the right questions (in this case the Airedale Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta).

Two other questions I wished I had time to ask Ric:

  1. How did you come up with the idea of applying Agile methodologies to marketing? I come from the software development background, and I’m a strong proponent of agile project management, so I think it is a creative jump to apply agile processes to marketing.
  2. Who came up with Indiana Jones for a DragonSearch marketing persona?

Meanwhile, visit our new Hecklers’ Hangout fan page and carry on the discussion! You can also check out the #HecklersHangout – The line-up till Turkey Day post from my co-host Margie Clayman to see the guests we have lined up for future Hecklers’ Hangouts!

Come hangout and heckle at the Hecklers’ Hangout – every Thursday evening at 7pm EST / 4pm PST!

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  1. I would have loved to have been there last night for this one! I have been trying to brush up on marketing skills some for my own blog (silly as it is I can see potential and growth in it…besides i am a stay-at-home dad that likes to write…lol) I do track my likes, favorites, time of days for tweets and such. Recently, (like the one I #ff to you last week with the sports analogy) I have been working on tweets and seeing what brings the most numbers based on word impact. I have actually discovered you can get a lot out of 140 characters if u word it correctly. Some people that use twitter can’t stand hashtags but I find them helpful. I use them to find what is trending and to see what I can do with it. Now if I can just find a way to make money off of a parenting blog i will have it made (u have to dream)


    P.S. I missed the hangout because of 2 reasons. We went to high school football game (sorry Brian football ranks with me) and I told Bruce that I would participate in #dadchat since he did a guest post for me today so we could mention the post. :)

    • Nothing wrong with going to a high school football game – I’m headed to one tonight. No Longhorns this week, but I will catch the Broncos…and perhaps keep posted on the Cowboys.

      Glad you could participate in DadChat – I think it is a great and encouraging resources for all parents.

      Social Marketology does a great job providing a little history behind the marketing techniques. I also like how Ric discusses voice, personas, and micro-segmentation. He also introduces Agile methodology into the social media efforts for marketing, and I found that very interesting.