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#hecklershangout number four – Our Relationship with Social Media

Awhile back, I posted something on my Facebook page. I had been thinking about the passing of Trey Pennington, which always is tied in my head to the passing of Bruce Serven. After Trey died, many in the online world noted that while they had talked to him and even met him in real life, they had no idea that he was in a place where he could take his own life. I felt the same way with Bruce. We exchanged pleasantries pretty much every day. I never met him but I felt like we had a budding friendship. I had no idea that he was on the verge of doing what he did. So, with all of this on my mind, I pondered what this social media thing is all about. It seems like more and more people are longing for real-life connections. There’s a reason people are skyping or “hanging out” more I think. We are wanting more real connections.

What I did not expect is that this musing I wrote up on Facebook would resonate so strongly with so many people. In fact, however, it did. And so, here we are with our topic for our fourth Hecklers’ Hangout.

The idea for making this a topic for our show rests with Brian and with Kaarina Dillabough. In fact, Kaarina has our framing post for this week. Give that a read and we can start the conversation there. Then on Thursday at 7 PM ET we’ll (I suppose appropriately enough) talk about it in real time on the show, where Kaarina will be our special guest.

One quick technical note – we are really trying to keep these shows tight – 7-8 is the scheduled time. If you want to be on the hang-out itself, please try to join by 6:50 PM ET. That way we can say hi to you, chat a little, work out any glitches, and still start on time. If you are worried about getting the hangout to work, feel free to contact Brian and me and we can do a “test run” with you beforehand.

Sound good?

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  1. Looking forward to it! Cheers! Kaarina

  2. Kaarina,

    Makes some excellent points about social media (I read the article and left a lengthy post) I have asked some of these questions on my blog. I do wonder as our children become the future leaders how different the world become based on their lives so involved in social media and the web. I know when I grew up the social norm was “outside” and today we are already seeing a epidemic of obesity (I believe some of it is a direct relation based on social media) I wonder how the future will work for business deals. Social media is a great aid to business but their is nothing like seeing someone in person (i can read body language….I can’t do that through video) Just my two cents…


    • Aaron, so sorry I missed your comment here. I’m really hoping you’ll join us this evening. Your comment and your perspective will be a welcome addition to the discussion!