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#HecklersHangout Number 5 – Nick Kellet Talks Listly

#HecklersHangout Number 5 – Nick Kellet Talks Listly

Can I let you in on a personal secret? I’m not a big fan of lists! I’ve known people who seem to thrive on creating lists; in fact, some create redundant lists because they lose track of where they set their first lists! Well, Listly addresses that problem right out of the chute – no more misplaced lists.

Some of you know that my background is in software development and data architecture. I like code (as functions) and data existing in one place, and then available everywhere. If you need to change the code or data value, you only need to go to one place, and that change becomes available to all the downstream consumers.

Listly provides that kind of consistency and flexibility. Users can maintain their lists directly on the Listly website, or they can embed their lists on their websites and blogs. They can update those lists from any location where they embed them, yet that update is really happening “back at the source” and is immediately available wherever that list is shared.

Join us on this week’s Hecklers’ Hangout as we welcome special guest Nick Kellet from Listly. He will not only introduce you to the power of lists – ranging from crowd-sourcing ideas to driving engagement and SEO for your site – but we will then open up the floor for your “heckles”.

Meanwhile, here are links to a couple great blog posts to get your mind wrapped around the possibilities for your own lists:

101 Uses for Social Lists – A List of Lists

12 Most Powerful Ways to Use for Getting Customer Feedback

You can join my co-host Margie Clayman and me at Hecklers’ Hangouts every Thursday at 7pm EST / 6pm CST / 5pm MST / 4pm PST. Make sure you circle me, and then request to be in the Hecklers’ Hangout circle. You will then get a direct invite to the Hecklers’ Hangout. If you cannot join the Hangout, you can still view the Live Stream on my YouTube channel and tweet your “heckles” to #HecklersHangout. A recording of the Hangout will be available on that same YouTube channel at the conclusion of the live event.

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Ok, I would REALLY like to take part in this hangout. I have heard SO much about Nick's Listly that I want to understand it and embrace it, but haven't quite gotten a handle on it yet. I have to remember which is the hard part!

Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery

Start out reading those two posts at the bottom of this blog post, and then attend the live Hecklers' Hangout. I think Nick plans on hitting the highlights on why lists are important, how "dynamic lists" are so much powerful using a tool like Listly, and then showing a few examples (and some examples may be pretty creative and quirky).