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#HecklersHangout Number 5 – Summary – Nick Kellet showcasing Listly

Some compelling statistics on how lists positively impact the shelf life of contentWe had a great Hecklers’ Hangout last night. We actually had a few people rotate in on the live session as hecklers, and several folks caught the YouTube Live Stream and tweeted questions to the #HecklersHangout hashtag. We continue to enjoy this multi-channel experience that also is a great platform on educating our hecklers on the latest in technology, books, or social topics worthy of debate. Throw in a little camaraderie along the way, and it is “time well worth it” spent online.

You will want to download the slide deck that Nick Kellet prepared for this Hecklers’ Hangout. There are some compelling statistics and benefits for using Listly. Here are just a few notes I had:

  • I was amazed at how Listly positively impacted and extended the content lifecycle
  • I now understand the term “Organic Crowd Validated SEO” and how Listly enables that effect.
  • The Amplification factor of Listly – either from embeds or from the Listly site itself – is flat out impressive
  • The creativity of created lists – like “where have I guest posted” and “Best of Slideshare” and “what product enhancements would you most like to see” – really sets the mind to working on how best to leverage these dynamic lists.

Of course, all is not lost if you missed this Hecklers’ Hangout. You can catch the full recording on my YouTube channel, or click on the embedded video below:

As we continue this online show, we learn lessons along the way. Here are a few “rules of engagement” items we will add to future Hecklers’ Hangouts for a smoother experience:

  1. Hecklers should mute their microphones unless they are actively doing the heckling (asking the question).
  2. It may be a better audio experience if hecklers use headphones, so their microphones do not pick up the conversation and create an echo effect.
  3. Special guests should toggle between Screenshare – when demonstrating the product or going through a slide deck – and webcam. Hangouts are more engaging when we can see those great facial expressions.
  4. If sharing the desktop, do not show the Hangout “console”. No use having the recording capture that Group Chat…where you never know if the side-topic might be a discussion on listing “Why I love unicorns and social media in Northeast Ohio” (Margie) or “Why Peyton Manning will succeed as a Denver Bronco” (Brian).

Tune in next week as Margie Clayman and I invite special guest Olivier Blanchard to educate us about Tickr.

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UGH, I missed it! I called it, didn't I? Shoot. I'm glad you have it recorded so I can catch the discussion! Next time...if I can! =)

Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery

Glad you are enjoying the recorded Hecklers' Hangout, Mimi. It's definitely a great plus for folks that miss the live show. And make sure you grab the slide deck!