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#HecklersHangout Number 6 – Olivier Blanchard on Tickr

If you’re in the online space pretty regularly, you probably know Olivier Blanchard as @TheBrandBuilder and/or as the author of the book Social Media ROI. However, we are bringing him on to be heckled about something totally different. Olivier has recently started working with a software company called Tickr. We thought the platform was pretty interesting, so we’ll be talking about it.

As a brief preview, Tickr was started in 2011. Its mission statement, according to the Tickr website, is “to bring together everything important to your business in one easy interface.” Like many new technologies and platforms over the last year or so, Tickr is a very visually-based platform that allows you to monitor blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms in one glance. As a social “listening” tool, you can quickly see how this could come in handy.

I’ve given Tickr a quick test drive and have to say I thought it was pretty neat (in my case I used it to stalk mentions of my hero Abraham Lincoln, just to see how it worked). It’s not difficult to see how the tool could be used across the board to monitor brand mentions and whether those mentions skew positive or negative.

I’ll leave it there, but if you want to learn more, or if you want to heckle Olivier and the rest of our crew, be sure to join us at 7 PM ET this Thursday (October 11). Please remember to ping Brian and ask him to add you to our Hecklers’ Hangout G+ circle, because the first invites to join the hangout go to those folks. You will also be able to watch the Live Stream on Brian’s YouTube channel, where you can also access four of our first five episodes (technology defeated us on our first run).

We’ll hope to see you there!

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