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How To Pick an East Coast University in 7 Speedy Days – College Road Trip!

I hope you enjoy this guest post from my youngest daughter, Savannah Vickery. Yes, this blog is about social media, leadership, Hecklers’ Hangout - and any opportunity for me to find a sports analogy I can use as a teaching moment. However, I occasionally like to post Rites of Passage articles – and what Rite of Passage is more exciting than prepping for college!

Enjoy the post from a very “savvy” Savannah Vickery…

“So, Have you decided where you want to go next fall?”

The innocent question that every person wants to ask, and every high school senior hates to answer. Of course I have no idea where I want to go! There are about 2 million schools out there who all seem to have acquired my address and email and want nothing more than to invite me to come see what makes their campus so special. Within the span of about 12 months I am expected to have chosen the state, major, and eventual profession that will become my adult life. Woah. Send me as many emails as you like University of Fill-In-Location-Here, there’s no way I’m making this kind of decision without a little more info.

Enter Road Trip. The one thing I can decide is that Colorado isn’t where I want to stay. Absolutely gorgeous scenery and weather aside, I’ve always had an attraction for the coast. As a result, my parents and I are trekking out to the east coast to see what deciduous trees and a little humid air can do for us. In the course of 7 days we’ll be crawling around the campuses of Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, and Georgetown University.

While this isn’t exactly a true how-to (sorry, no easy to follow step-by-step illustrated guide of how to figure out your life), this trip is going to help my parents and I narrow down one by one which college will be the best fit for me. The qualifications?

  1. The university must rank within the top 50 American Universities. Honestly at the price they’re asking, I’m not settling for anything less.
  2. It must have a great Political Science/International Relations program. A deep love for people and a perhaps slightly insane drive to make the world a better place isn’t really allowing for me to go with anything less than a “World Power” major. It would be great if the school offered majors in Engineering as well. I really would prefer to come out of college with a job waiting for me and as I’m constantly reminded by the engineers around me, there’s always room for one more.
  3. It’s gotta feel like home. For a girl that’s about thisclose to her family, I really want to feel the call of a University before I’m willing to pack up and ship off. This could include having small class sizes, popular intramural sports, or even just a great college community. Whatever it is, I want to know that I’m surrounded by other people like me who have come to learn, explore, and together go out into the world.

Here is a video as we kickoff our worldwide – OK, East Coast – College Road Trip:

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Janice aka JPlovesCOTTON
Janice aka JPlovesCOTTON

Great schools on your list. My brother got his PhD at Duke, friends went to UVa and Georgetown and even though I hate powder blue, I am sure UNC is a great place too. Good luck finding the right fit for you.... you will probably know the right route to go even if you aren't certain about how to make such a tough choice.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr
Carolyn Nicander Mohr

Wow, this is great. My oldest daughter is a high school junior and having difficulty narrowing down her college choices. Your criteria are well-reasoned and your selections of schools for your tour are fantastic. I am an alum of UVA (law school) and also think highly of other schools on your list. Other schools you may want to consider for your tour: University of Richmond, William and Mary, Johns Hopkins and Wake Forest. Why is this easier for me to advise you than to advise my own daughter?


“Savvy” Savannah Vickery, Great post! Looking for a college is always challenging (especially with the going rate these days!) I understand the need to get out an explore other colleges away from your home state! I believe it makes the college/university experience a little bit better (just my opinion and I don't want your dad to hear me say that)! A deep need to make the world a better place is what led me to my degree in Social Work. I can tell you the one problem with having a need to make the world a better place is the realization that you can't help everyone no matter how bad you want too. However, helping others is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. Aaron P.S. I kept waiting for some college football stats and discovering that was the real reason you were choosing your college! J/K


  1. [...] and even having lunch on the campus seemed to have no effect. It just wasn’t home. Remember my list from last post? Well Duke is a top 50 school, has a good political science program, AND has great intramural [...]