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#HecklersHangout 8 – Rantitudes with John Boyle and Daniel Newman

Rantitude provides a soapbox for people to air their concerns, their opinions, their rants!

Have you been enjoying the Hecklers’ Hangouts so far? Have you ever had days when perhaps you wanted to cross over from a little heckling to some full-scale ranting?

John Boyle and Daniel Newman understand what you are going through! These two men decided to create a Social Soapbox to act as a platform for people to let off a little steam. No pictures of cute and fluffy kittens here – unless it is to point out that cats are obviously superior to dogs as household pets (umm, I’ve always owned dogs in case you are wondering).

Of course, these two gentlemen also provide guidelines for what constitutes a rant and one of those guidelines is “Fun, fun, fun”. In these politically charged days leading up to a national election, you can imagine a steady dose of strongly opinionated political rants. Feel free to express your political views, but it still has to “bring value” regarding the points you are getting across to the audience without being “mean content by mean people”.

Here is your chance to explore the horizons of your rants and either submit original content or republish content from your blog. The categories include the following:

  • Business
  • Humor
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Social Media
  • Sports
  • Technology

Just within the last 2 weeks, I’ve come up with the following rant-able topics:

  • Red Light Runners and Moronic Lane Mergers
  • Legacy Ranking in NCAA Football – STOP IT!
  • NFL Rule Tweaks (anybody from Tampa Bay want to write about re-establishing yourself inbounds before catching a potential game-winning touchdown pass?)
  • Texas-style vs Carolina-style BBQ (OK, I actually loved the Carolina style BBQ on a recent East Coast trip, but I will always favor mesquite-smoking beef brisket with tomato-based sops)

Plan Now! Book your timeslot this Thursday at 7p EST/ 6p CST / 5p MST / 4p PST to join Margie Clayman and me – along with our special guests John Boyle and Daniel Newman – on Hecklers’ Hangout. Bring your heckles and bring your rant topics. This should be a highly engaging and fun Hecklers’ Hangout as we kick around rant-able topics while learning a little more about Rantitude!

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Brian Vickery

I love my wife and two daughters. I am blessed in that I also love my job as a principal and EVP of the Rocky Mountain Region for Mantis Technology Group. I am excited to promote our Pulse Analytics social media monitoring and sentiment analysis solution as well as our core software development and business intelligence services. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin. You can find Brian on .

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LOL...I like your rant-able topics "Red Light Runners" and "Moronic Lane Mergers" You lead me to the question though what makes a lane mergers moronic and the red light just a runner? I see value in the terms though and I may start using them when I am in the Aaron

Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery

Hey, I was going for a little alliteration. We get terrible red light runners here in can generally count about 3 cars after the light turns red, so I'm glad they have the cameras in the intersections nowadays. As for lane mergers, I already have trouble with people entering the freeway with the inability to merge into traffic smoothly. However, I really go nuts with the people that see "Lane Ends in 1500 feet, merge right"...and then they continue to try to blow past everyone up until the last minute. My wife gets a tad disappointed in me when I start straddling the line to keep these rude people from continuing to pass, but some of them will start driving on the shoulder to try and force their way to the front of the line. ARRGHH! And they wonder why people have road rage??