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#HecklersHangout 8 – Rantitude, Trolls, Zombies, and Canada, eh!

Rantitude provides a soapbox to rant on several topics

I unfortunately missed a fantastic conversation last night that Brian Vickery hosted with John Boyle of Rantitude – the new website he and Daniel Newman have started. The conversation began with defining exactly what a rant is. When people think “rant” they may think of someone who is being unnecessarily negative or out-of-control. John, however, pointed out that the “rants” on Rantitude are sans profanity whenever possible and actually many times end up funny versus angry or hard to read.

From there, the conversation expanded into how social media feeds the ability to rant. Do you say things online you might not normally say in person? When do you “unfriend” someone on Facebook based on something they said? Or is that fair to do?

Finally, Brian asked some of the other guests on the show what they would rant about. Topics ranged from TrueTwit to stereotypes of Canadians to why Daniel Newman couldn’t figure out how Google Plus Hangouts work (that was Sam’s idea). I was shocked that there was no mention of ranting against pants, to be quite honest.

Anyway, the best way to absorb the conversation is to watch what actually happened. Here is the video – feel free to tweet your comments using #HecklersHangout or join us on Facebook!

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