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RG3 and Cousins For The Win – #PulseAnalytics Monitoring the Redskins and Ravens

Sometimes your best friends are your cousins! I assure you Kirk Cousins is on Robert Griffin III’s (RG3) Christmas card list after he came on “in relief” of an injured RG3 to secure a win against the Baltimore Ravens in overtime. RG3 continues to impress as a rookie, and Cousins extended the Redskins’ winning ways who are now winners of 4 straight games to keep pace in the NFC East.

My hometown Denver Broncos had already extended their own winning streak on Thursday, so I settled down to watch the Cowboys/Bengals game. However, I used Mantis Pulse Analytics to monitor the Redskins/Ravens game since I have a bottle of wine on the line with a buddy who happens to be a Ravens fan. The bet is “who ends up with the best record – the Broncos or the Ravens”. I’m liking my odds now, folks!

So what were Redskins and Ravens fans thinking/tweeting/Facebooking/Google Plussing…

First, you can imagine the panic in this game. The Ravens probably felt the inevitability of a loss. I imagine the Redskins players and fans went a few minutes without breathing when they saw RG3 go down with a knee injury. Every true NFL fan hopes the MRI shows a strained knee versus sprain or ACL damage!

Pulse Analytics monitoring RG3 and Redskins while beating the Ravens

This next screenshot is indicative of how regional the fan base is for both the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins. I am sure there would have been more mentions across the US if this was a Sunday/Monday/Thursday night game. However, Sunday day games are built for regional coverage.

Mantis Pulse Analytics monitoring and sentiment analysis during the Redskins / Ravens game

Finally, here is a satellite view. I’ve expanded a few of the tweets (and hovered over one) to show some happy Redskins fans in DC!

Pulse Analytics monitoring and sentiment analysis of RG3 and the Redskins victory over the Ravens

It has been a special season in Denver with Peyton Manning on an MVP-pace after taking a year off with neck surgery. However, it has also been a special season for rookie quarterbacks like RG3, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Brandon Weeden.

What has been your favorite NFL game this year? And how about a hand for these rookie quarterbacks?!?

Note: These Pulse Analytics collections are for demonstration purposes only and do not imply client relationships between Mantis and the teams mentioned. Schedule a demonstration to see what consumers are saying about YOUR brand.

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  1. Hello! I searched Broncos and came up with your blog. I’ve started a blog from this side of the pond about American Football, and it’s a bit Bronco heavy at the moment! Would be great if you can have a quick look and reassure me I’m still accurate to the game :-)

    • Nice start, Katherine – and if you like Bronco-heavy blog posts, you will find plenty on this site. Of course, I’m usually tying it to a Leadership or Social Media lesson. I notice you also had a Tebow post, and I had plenty of those last year during that improbable playoff run.

      Thanks for stopping by!