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#HecklersHangout 14 – Everyone Should Apply for College Financial Aid – @JodiOkun Says So!

Jodi Okun from College Financial AdvisorsAs we enter this season of over-indulgence in gifts and great food, some people will also feel incredible stress and depression. Personal finances are some of the biggest contributors to both of those emotions, and those emotions are magnified if college expenses have you either stressing “will I have to quit college to find work to pay my bills” or “how can I afford to pay for my kids’ college expenses for another semester”. Once you commit to apply for college and scholarships, then you have to surf the confusing application process and acronyms like FAFSA, EFC and COA! I have one kid in college, and another one applying to private and out-of-state colleges this year, so I can directly relate!!

Here at Hecklers’ Hangout, Margie Clayman and I could not swing getting a winning lottery ticket for all of you. However, we did come up with a priceless resource: Jodi Okun. Jodi Okun is the host of #CollegeCash and the brains behind College Financial Aid Advisors. She has agreed to be our special guest this week, and she is available for your heckles as she discusses topics like the following:

  • Consider 4-year costs versus just first year costs!
  • What is the difference between “Need Blind” and “Need Aware” application processes?
  • What is the FAFSA? Do I have to fill it out each year? Why must I fill it out if I will “never get financial aid”?
  • What other avenues do I have for college financial aid?
  • Do “early decision / early action” applications have any advantages regarding scholarship awards?
  • Do out-of-state schools, and private schools, provide higher awards for merit to get the best students – or is it all about demonstrating financial need?

Heckler’s Hangout Essentials

  • Date: December 20th, 2012
  • Time: 7p EST / 6p CST / 5p MST / 4p PST
  • Guest: Jodi Okun
  • Topic: Everyone Should Apply for College Financial Aid
  • Tips:
    • Circle Brian Vickery and send a note on Google+ or Twitter for me to add you to the Hecklers’ Hangout circle. Circle my co-host Margie Clayman while you are at it.
    • Make sure you have a good webcam, microphone, and lighting (so you are not a silhouette)
    • Join the Hangout 15 minutes early for the camaraderie and to resolve any technical issues.
    • If you cannot attend the live Hecklers’ Hangout, then you can watch the LiveStream on my YouTube channel or Google+ page. You can continue to tweet your heckles to #HecklersHangout. The recorded hangout will be available on my YouTube channel shortly after the conclusion of the live event.

College Financial Aid Advisors - excellent resource for navigating the financial aid and FAFSA process

We look forward to seeing you at this week’s Heckler’s Hangout!!

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