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Mark Sanchez and NY Jets – Lack of Leadership on Display on #MNF

New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez threw 4 INTs on MNF against the TitansI am glad that I did not set aside valuable time this last Monday to watch the Monday Night Football (MNF) showdown between the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans. As it was, I still listened on the radio while traveling between the gym and my house – a mercifully short trip! I also watched portions of the game while working out. I was yelling at Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez, and I have no vested interest in the game’s outcome.

The one word that came to mind when watching Mark Sanchez: inept!

I understand changes in offensive coordinators, and injuries to key players, can make it difficult for Sanchez’s quarterback development. However, his decision-making was atrocious as he threw 4 interceptions (and later had a fumble which was not his fault). Throw in the fact that the NY Jets are ranked 30th out of 32 teams for total yards of offense, and you can see that last night’s game was not an anomaly.

I’ve already written a post regarding interceptions titledĀ NFL Interceptions and Social Media Faux Pas Can Be Contagious. The following vlog looks at the New York Jets as an organization in disarray when it comes to leadership:

Here are my opinions regarding the New York Jets organization:

  • Management went out and grabbed Tim Tebow – a move that was not endorsed by the head coach and that instantly ignited a quarterback controversy.
  • Rex Ryan continues to struggle with player factions within the locker room as well as continuity at the offensive coordinator position. He has to contend with an under-performing Mark Sanchez, but he has too much pride to throw Tim Tebow in there to satisfy both management and the fan base.
  • Mark Sanchez continues to regress as a professional in decision-making, game management, and accuracy. He has only 13 TDs to go along with 18 INTs and a quarterback rating of 67.9. One announcer said the defender could have called for a “fair catch” on one of the interceptions because he missed his receiver that badly. In the video, I mention Sanchez must not be doing his “film study”. That is an assumption on my part; however, his performance on the field throughout the 2012 season shows a lack of dedication to his “craft”. Compare his results to the elite quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Go a step further and compare him to the recent crop of rookies (Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson).

So what would be your “one word assessment” of the Monday Night Football game between the Titans and Jets? Have you seen similar “lack of leadership” in workplace scenarios at the C-Level, Management, or even individual employee levels? How did the organization respond to get back on the right track for success?

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  1. As you know, I am a Pats fan, so this all makes my heart sing.

    • I bet. Of course, my heart was singing when the Pats lost to the 49ers to pretty much assure the Broncos of that #2 seed in the AFC. Meanwhile, the Jets are a disaster that needs a major housecleaning. Perhaps they should all go read Good to Great, then start throwing people off the bus?