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#HecklersHangout 15 – Blogging, Family, Moleskines, and Smooth Starbucks Jazz

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Jason Konopinski discusses Wandering Moleskine and Riffing on Writing on Hecklers’ Hangout. He also talked about Poetry Friday and some of the milestones that kickstarted the readership on his blog.

It’s time that Brian and I come clean with you. *sigh* #HecklersHangout is sort of technologically cursed. For some reason, weird techno-glitches seem to happen to at least one person (sometimes more) during our hangouts. In this particular instance, the unfortunate victim was our super cool guest, Jason Konopinski, who had to join us from a Starbucks because the internet at his office went out. The plus side to this unfortunate techno-problem is that we all got to listen to the sultry sounds of Starbucks jazz. I think it worked a bit like a snake charmer because our hecklers were not all that hard on Jason. Maybe the benevolence of the holiday season is still wearing off.

Despite those tiny obstacles, we had a very interesting conversation with Jason. We talked mostly about his podcast, which is called Riffing on Writing. Jason talked about how he had planned to do the podcast for a long time before he actually got started. He talked about how Jay Baer offered him some inspiration and guidance. We also talked about the magic formula of getting a blog or a podcast to catch on. Jason said the first really popular podcast he did was with Michael Schechter, a great guy but one who doesn’t necessarily have the pull of an “A-lister.”

The real surprise of the evening was learning about Jason’s dream project, which would be to trace his family’s history. Coming from Poland, Jason’s family was very wrapped in the tragic happenings of World War II, from concentration camps to the resistance. Inspired by Olivier Blanchard’s post on family and legacy last year, Jason is contemplating weaving his own family’s history together.

Finally, we talked about the Wandering Moleskine project, a great idea that is set to launch (fingers crossed) in a couple of weeks. The story of how Jason was inspired to work on this idea, along with the actual idea itself, are well worth a read (and a watch)!

All in all, we had a great time. Jason is a great guy – if you don’t know him you should! To get you started, here’s our video of the hangout :)

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  1. LOVED #HecklersHangout last evening, despite the fact I got booted off when I asked about the Wandering Moleskin, haha! And no matter how many times I say it, it just sounds all wrong:) Great fun: do that dream project Jason! Cheers! Kaarina

    • Yeah, Wandering Moleskine could only struggle through innuendo on a Hecklers’ Hangout. We are like teenagers sometimes – especially the Canadian hecklers!

  2. It was a blast. It was good to hear Jason talk about his project. I had read a little about his “Wandering Moleskin” on his blog. Looking forward to seeing it go forward.

    • Might need to get on the Wandering Moleskine itinerary, Martina! And it was great to have you in person on the Hecklers’ Hangout. Next time, bring your “a-game” heckling. Wow, you were too nice while claiming that over-used “newbie” moniker.