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#HecklersHangout 19 – @BrandFlair, Guns, and Culture

#HecklersHangout 19 – @BrandFlair, Guns, and Culture

Today was a very different sort of topic for us at Hecklers’ Hangout. Rather than talking about a new book or new technology, which was sort of what Brian and I had envisioned when we started this whole thing, today’s topic was about current events – namely, the gun control issue. John Boyle has been working on putting together a proposal for gun regulation (along with other efforts) and he asked us if he could use our platform to present his ideas and get some feedback. We said heck yeah! We knew that while our hecklers can be rowdy sometimes (Ok, most of the time) that this would be a good, safe environment to talk about a very tough issue.

We were not disappointed!

John presented some very detailed ideas about how his gun regulation proposal would work, why he believes in what he is proposing, and why he feels the current options on the table in Washington, D.C. are not ideal. From there, we discussed a lot of things ranging from whether our culture is driving gun violence to whether talking about banning guns is really the best approach.

In addition to thanking John for coming on to present his ideas, Brian and I want to extend special thanks to Angela Daffron, Jure Klepic, Sean McGinnis, and Sam Fiorella for joining us. This was a tough issue that not a lot of people like to talk about in public streams. We thank you for doing so and doing so with civility. To watch the conversation as it unfolded, just play the video below. We hope you enjoy! As always, if you have any feedback or thoughts you want to add, let us know here or on our Facebook page.

You can follow along with the slide deck that John presented. You can also review the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws that John references during the hangout.

Thanks to everyone for an outstanding Hecklers’ Hangout.

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