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#HecklersHangout 20 – ArCompany – Seriously Experienced Without Being So Serious

#HecklersHangout 20 – ArCompany – Seriously Experienced Without Being So Serious

ArCompany marketing business strategy

Last night’s Hecklers’ Hangout with some of the ArCompany Leadership Team was another one of those very enjoyable gatherings where the chaos just added to the fun. We had scarves, kids up past their bed time, CANADIANS, and a guest who swore her camera was not working…even though that camera worked brilliantly after we stopped broadcasting.

No farm animals were hurt during the filming of this Hecklers’ Hangout – but they were referenced repeatedly!

Sometimes snark is the highest form of respect, and there was plenty of snark to go around in this Hecklers’ Hangout. In fact, Danny Brown and one of our resident hecklers – Sam Fiorella – are currently authoring a book together called Influence Marketing. Several of us met each other via 12 Most, and we’ve continued to build relationships and business opportunities together.

You get to pick your friends folks – and we’ve picked some good ones here!

You can immerse yourself in the Hecklers’ Hangout video below, but here are some of the highlights to take away:

  • ArCompany is suited to work with clients of any size, but mid-to-large clients are likely to see the biggest impact of corporate-wide change.
  • ArCompany works on changing company cultures to transform them into “social businesses” that understands how social can impact both customers and employees.
  • ArCompany is not a “Twitter” or “Facebook” or “Content Marketing” consulting company. They are a fully integrated marketing and management solution company. That means they also understand “imploding the silos” between PR, Sales, Marketing, and other organizations within a company.
  • ArCompany comes in and determines gaps in resourcing and where existing (or new) resources may best serve the company’s digital strategy. I enjoy that perspective because it is very similar to Jim Collins’ approach in Good To Great. Find the right seat for the right resources on the bus. Not every employee is suited for representing your company on social channels!
  • ArCompany recognizes that some companies still struggle with understanding marketing in general – and many companies need consulting around how to incorporate digital channels with other more traditional marketing channels. One of the great #HecklersHangout Twitter comments was “Traditionalists are not a dying breed, but they need to diversify their channels and legitimize social media.”
  • Amy Tobin said the ArCompany leadership team was “egoless” – umm, we are not buying it. But these outgoing egos are what’s necessary to effect corporate change.
  • Danny shares my love for data and the resultant analytics that are possible when you have good and relevant data.

When you take individually accomplished professionals, and let them “stack a team” that leverages their complementary strengths, great accomplishments are bound to follow.

We look forward to following the accomplishments of this new ArCompany venture!

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  1. Wow. We sound much smarter in writing.

    • I agree…wow, I’m good at content.

  2. I think Sam was right – you’re clearly not a marketer because you just mixed up the written promo with the actual video for another Hangout. ;-)

    Cheers for having us, sir, really appreciate it, and thanks for the very kind words too!

    • Busted…there went my credibility. I had to throw some kind words – and translation – into the written blog to cover for the chaos in the video.

  3. I’m still getting to know this great crew and I am glad that you have had them on twice now.  Things have really changed around these parts. New theme, right?

    • @susansilver
      It was a great hangout with that crew. And as usual, the after-discussion when we stop broadcasting has some of the best nuggets of insight.
      Hint: that means you should probably join live sometime!
      Yes, I’ve gone to a self-hosted solution with a little help from Sean (who is also hosting the blog). I was finally able to find a theme that allows me to break out the different sports as well as embed video and some “ads” about Mantis products and services. I’m still tinkering around…
      And sorry for the late reply – I commented in WordPress comments by mistake vs Livefyre…