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#HecklersHangout 22 – @HessieJones Gets Her Say

#HecklersHangout 22 – @HessieJones Gets Her Say

A couple of weeks ago, Amy Tobin and Danny Brown joined us in a spur of the moment hangout to help announce the launch of their new company, ArCompany. Brian and I did our best to make them look good, but a show can only be as good as the guests you have on…. :) Anyway, Ms. Hessie Jones, the actual founder of ARCompany, was not able to make it, but we had already (being the brilliant people we are) scheduled her for this week. It’s like we knew that she’d have something to announce. Or maybe she knew she would have something to announce, which explains why she signed up. I like to think it was our brilliance though.


This Thursday we will get Hessie’s side of the story. Personally, I’m hoping we talk about her blog post announcing the launch of ArCompany, where she revealed the amazing revelation that led to this decision. I’m hoping we learn why on earth Hessie chose to work with Danny and Amy – what was she thinking? Is she sane? And I’m hoping we talk significantly less about…farm animals. We’ll see how that goes. Side note: Danny and Amy have a great balance of snark and brilliance, so they will be dynamic contributors to the ArCompany management team.

Hecklers’ Hangout Essentials
Date: February 21, 2013
Time: 7p EST / 6p CST / 5p MST / 4p PST
Guest: Hessie Jones
Topic: ARCompany, or…what was she thinking? ;)
• Circle Brian Vickery and send a note on Google+ or Twitter for me to add you to the Hecklers’ Hangout circle.

• Make sure you have a good webcam, microphone, and lighting

• Join the Hangout 15 minutes early for the camaraderie and to resolve any technical issues.

If you cannot attend the live Hecklers’ Hangout, then you can watch the LiveStream on Brian’s YouTube channel or Google+ page. You can continue to tweet your heckles to #HecklersHangout. The recorded hangout will be available on my YouTube channel shortly after the conclusion of the live event.

We hope to see you there!

Photo Credit: “Social Standard” via ArCompany website.

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  1. Clearly they will let anyone on these days… ^DB

  2. Clearly…. call me a seat filler….

  3. I just hope that you have a couple of glasses of wine during the show:)

  4. 2 before and 2 during…. just enough to avoid the slurring

  5. At least THIS one will be shareable… and hopefully illustrate something about ArCompany :)

  6. Oh darn, does that mean I have to be serious?

  7. Break a leg Hessie!

  8. Thanks Marcy! Hope you’re well!