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#HecklersHangout 22 – Hangin’ with Hessie Jones and @ArCIntel

#HecklersHangout 22 – Hangin’ with Hessie Jones and @ArCIntel

Margie Clayman and I do these weekly Hecklers’ Hangouts because we enjoy learning about new companies, new authors/books, and new technology. We also appreciate building new personal/business relationships as well as strengthening existing ones by getting the backstory on “what makes people tick”.

I’m able to title this “Hangin’ with Hessie Jones and @ArCIntel” because the hangout felt like peers and friends just gathered around talking about business issues – and how ArCompany intends to address some of those issues. We enjoyed the ArCompany backstory (it even involved a psychic), and we respect their Leadership Team’s approach as well as admire their future prospects.

Here are some of the highlights – watch the video below to enjoy a great conversation and learn a little more about ArCompany.

  • Hessie has been in digital marketing for about 11 years and considers herself a traditional marketer.
  • Hessie met Danny Brown when he sent a callout on Twitter (back in 2008) looking for compelling stories on social media
  • Hessie was responsible for launching Yahoo Answers in Canada. It was very interesting to hear how long it took to get an answer “back in the old days” – Hessie gave an example that took 9 days to get an answer on where to find a particular poem. However, she bought into the power of social channels when she finally got an answer…where no other answers were forthcoming from her personal network.
  • Hessie, Danny, and Andrew Jenkins worked together at Jugnoo. That experience developed the mutual respect leading to “the next thing” – which became ArCompany. Danny then introduced Hessie to Amy Tobin. Everybody was in agreement that Andrew was the smart one (probably because he didn’t subject himself to a Hecklers’ Hangout).
  • ArCompany’s sweet spot will be mid-to-large businesses. There was an interesting side discussion about small businesses. In some cases, small companies have budget and lack vision. In other cases, small companies have grandiose visions…but lack budget.
  • Some companies still fall into the trap of thinking “social is free”. It is hard to secure budget for social initiatives versus more traditional marketing channels. In fact, some companies want to budget to the specific social marketing campaign versus take the long-range view of setting aside annual budget to execute a sustainable digital marketing strategy.
  • Had a nice debate regarding marketing agencies “telling lies and setting false expectations” and agencies still bringing tangible value to their clients.
  • ArCompany is not competing with marketing agencies. Instead, it educates businesses and helps transform them into “social cultures”.
  • Great discussion regarding the differences, and adoption rates, of B2B companies versus B2C companies. Does it make sense for every B2B company to develop a social presence, or would some become a “voice in the wilderness” because their target audience is not on social channels? Hessie mentioned a company that blogs about solder paste, where their clients are manufacturing companies, and those blog posts provide great organic search results and lead generation.
  • Margie made a great point – bloggers need to write for their target markets. Rather than plumbers writing blogs about social media – plumbers need to write about plumbing to reach their target market. Don’t preach to the choir…preach to the congregation!
  • Social media should never replace opportunities to meet face-to-face with your clients and prospects. It is essential to still go “old school” and pick up the phone every now and then – people need touch-points outside of online social channels.
  • Hessie puts red wine in the refrigerator – we were all mildly disturbed…

Tune in to Hecklers’ Hangouts – every Thursday at 7p EST / 6p CST / 5p MST / 4p PST.

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  1. THAT is an awesome assessment.  The last one made me laugh.

    • Thought you would get a kick out of that one, Amy! ;) It was great to have both of you on the call, and you helped balance the Canadian-ness of the hangout.

  2. Brian, I really appreciate being included in the Hangout. What a lot of fun, and a very knowledgeable group. Now I know who to call when I’m having… issues. Social media, red wine, other stuff…

    • Was glad you could join us, Barrett – and got that whole Google Circle thing worked out! And you obviously learned the REAL people to talk to regarding red wine. The list may grow when discussing social media with “reasonable intelligence”. ;)