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#HecklersHangout 23 – The Scoop on Jack Jones

#HecklersHangout 23 – The Scoop on Jack Jones

Sometimes, dreams are dashed – and role models are exposed. Thus, my bubble was burst on Hecklers’ Hangout 23…when I found out Jack Jones isn’t real! In fact, Dave Van de Walle rubbed salt in the wound by telling us that @JackJonesSocial bought his followers!
And those Likes on Jack Jones America’s Social Media Consultant Facebook Fan Page – yep, lots of ‘em are bought!

I feel like I’ve lost my social media compass!

Margie and I enjoyed having Dave on Hecklers’ Hangout (Margie especially liked the use of the word “usury”). I had no idea what direction this hangout was going to take because Dave is a “man of many projects”. I enjoyed hearing about his New Frugality project as well as his most recent project. Here is his teaser tag line that he used on the show – it better get down in writing somewhere before he forgets it: “make more, spend less, save more, and maximize your opportunity for financial success.” I hope he comes back on the show with more stories and ideas from his project where he focuses more on social good versus evil.

But Jack Jones stole this show. I guess he had to steal it since he spent all of his money on followers and likes! You see, Jack is Dave’s construct to poke fun at social media gurus, ninjas, and experts everywhere. Jack Jones is America’s Social Media Consultant, and it just doesn’t get any bigger than that, right?

Hecklers did not know whether to laugh, or to nod in knowing disappointment, when hearing some of Dave’s stories regarding social media rules of engagement. For example, some people will not follow other Twitter Profiles until they evaluate how many followers that profile has. They are gauging “social proof” exclusively on the number of followers/shares/likes/views versus the actual content and engagement. Then you get the profiles that “lord it” over the commoners with condescending expertise. Dave pointed out on of the biggest spoofs for this behavior on Facebook: Condescending Corporate Brand Page. In conclusion, we all agreed that Dave – err, Jack – should develop a keynote speech based upon Jack’s exploits.

Enjoy this Hecklers’ Hangout in its entirety in the video below. And stay tuned to a Tedx-style #JackOn: Search and Destroy Conference coming to a Motel-6 near you (well, probably in Vegas).

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