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#HecklersHangout 24 – Michele Price Talks BBSradio and Buffalo Whispering

#HecklersHangout 24 – Michele Price Talks BBSradio and Buffalo Whispering

Margie Clayman and I are consistently astounded at the variety our Hecklers’ Hangout guests bring to the table. OK, maybe we are just easily astounded. Last week we were introduced to a new vocabulary word: usury. This week…it was “frackin”!

You will have to watch the video to catch the context, story-telling, and humor from this edition of Hecklers’ Hangout, but here are some of the highlights as Michele Price Talks BBSRadio and Buffalo Whispering:

  • Michele is having way too much fun with her Ford Focus ST that she is driving to SXSW this week. She kept going on about the stick shift, acceleration, brakes (thankfully), and sound system.
  • Michele creates personas on Twitter just so she can debate – herself! This led to a side discussion about people who like to quote themselves and speak in the 3rd person.
  • #BBSradio went from an excellent first guest of Mari Smith over 5 years ago, and a couple of listeners, to as many as 70,000 listeners for one of the recent podcasts
  • Great presenters and speakers do not necessarily make great interviewees. Speakers are on “one side of the mic” projecting their message. Interviewees are on the “other side of the mic” relaying their message. It requires two different skill sets! In fact, Michele came up with an “interview audit” to provide constructive feedback for interviewees.
  • The “Brain Download” concept came from one of Michele’s signature lines on #BBSradio – If you had the opportunity to do the Vulcan mind-meld brain download of anybody you chose, who’s brain would you download…and why? Michele would download Goethe.
  • On a snowmobile vacation trip through Yellowstone Park, Michele’s group was told to get back before dark and do not engage any large animals. A herd of buffalo (umm, large animals) was blocking the trail right before dark. Michele walked up to the bull buffalo and gently asked it to let the snowmobiles pass. The buffalo nods, the snowmobiles pass, and thus began the Legend of the Buffalo Whisperer!

Enjoy the video below, and we look forward to sharing camaraderie and insight with you on the next Hecklers’ Hangout!

Image Courtesy of the website.

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  1. Well you got it almost all right ;) I rode up slowly on my snowmobile to the buffalo ;).
    Thank you for creating a fun and casual environment to get to know each other in deeper and meaningful ways.  Hecklers Hangout delivered that last night, thank you!

    • @prosperitygal We had a great time, Michele – and notice some of the best conversation happens after I click on the Stop Broadcast button! More incentive for folks to come onto the LIVE show and share some laughs and candid opinions.
      Michele Price – Buffalo Whisperer…with a lead foot in her Ford Focus ST!