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C-Level at a Mile High 2013 with @ColoTechAsn

C-Level at a Mile High 2013 with @ColoTechAsn

Do you have your tickets to C-Level at a Mile High yet? When you think of the Colorado tech industry, you should think of the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) – and one of its biggest events: C-Level at a Mile High!

Where else can you go to meet over (90) C-Level executives with over $1 Billion dollars in budget? And this isn’t herding cats, folks! CTA is exceptionally organized and puts on a high quality networking event at Sports Authority Field. The C-Level celebrities are organized into color coded zones, and each celebrity has an ambassador to facilitate one-on-one networking experiences.

Greeeat…you get to shake a C-Level celebrity’s hand and get your 5-minutes of face time. Whoop-de-do! Actually, it’s a bigger deal than just a little face time with a big shot. You can bid on celebrities’ time! Each of the color-coded zones has tables of silent auction items and tablets for bidding on auction items and celebrities. CTA volunteers will also be walking around with tablets, so you can check on your bids and stay in the game. Expect to be well prepared because CTA also provides a mobile app where you can search by C-Level name/company, project type, or “package” description. I’ve included a few screenshots below, so you can see just how easy it is to research celebrities and projects – and then organize them into Favorites to ensure you have a bid strategy. In fact, here are 7- Steps to C-Level Success:

Mobile app samples for C-Level at a Mile High

Step 1. Do your homework!

You’ve probably heard of a couple tools called Google and LinkedIn? Use them to research the celebrities and their companies prior to the big event!

Step 2. Pick celebrities and silent auction items

I keep waiting for that day when I have infinite budget to accomplish my tasks. Until that day happens, I’ll review and prioritize the celebrities that most interest me. And let’s not forget those silent auction items. I bid on – and won – an iPad 3 last year (to go along with winning a celebrity’s time)!

Step 3. Secure budget approval for celebrity bids

Here comes the tough part for many – securing the budget to bid on these celebrities. Small, “complementary” businesses have been known to “partner up” to pool their budgets and get shared time with a celebrity. Get that budget secured because you must pay for your won auction items the night of the event.

Step 4. Download the mobile app prior to the event

This mobile app is your friend – TRUST ME! Do not wait until you are at the event to discover your cell phone carrier doesn’t have a strong signal. Download the mobile app a few days ahead of the event, and then browse and prioritize the celebrities in your Favorites folder.

Step 5. Review the project opportunities on day of event

Make sure you have the latest mobile app updates, so you can review the celebrities’ projects. You want to have some context and ice-breakers lined up when you step up to introduce yourself to the celebrity. Step #1 made you familiar with the celebrity – Step #5 makes you familiar with the celebrity’s needs.

Step 6. Go to color quadrant to find celebrities and auction items

Showtime! You’ve done your pre-work to get organized for the event. Now it’s time to go to the color quadrants to talk to your celebrities and start bidding on the celebs and the silent auction items. Have you ever seen the guy on the National Car commercial who just sails through the airport while ill-prepared travelers struggle? Be that guy! Celebrities will have lighted name badges for easy identification, and you already know them by sight because you did your research on LinkedIn.

Step 7. Check in with an ambassador

We like our Colorado C-Level celebrities, so we do not want them to be mobbed by the adoring bidders! Each celebrity will have an ambassador who acts as a friendly gatekeeper. The ambassador will have a flashing badge, and this is the person you want to approach to request time with the celebrity. The ambassador will take your business card, to keep in the celebrity’s file, and then get you lined up for a 5 minute chat with the celebrity. As my friend Chris Westfall says, “have that elevator pitch ready, so the celebrities first statement is tell me more.” Then go bid on that celebrity’s time to show him/her you mean business!

Here is a video I prepared for the Colorado Technology Association, so you can review these 7 steps with the beautiful Colorado Rockies as the backdrop!

So, I will ask you again…do you have your tickets to C-Level at a Mile High yet? Get registered and good luck, folks!

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