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12 Most Bodacious B Behaviors of Great Leaders

12 Most Bodacious B Behaviors of Great Leaders

This post continues my Letters of the Alphabet Leadership series. You can read the 12 Most Awesome “A” Attributes for Great Leaders to catch up. Meanwhile, let’s check out the Bodacious B Behaviors…

1. Beaming

Mother Teresa said that “Peace begins with a smile.” Meet your team with a beaming and sincere smile each morning, and see how productivity and morale increase.

2. Believable

Believable leaders exude both sincerity and high integrity. How can people follow you if they cannot trust you?

3. Beneficial

We all want to succeed in life. Great leaders convince their teams that it is beneficial to follow their vision. They remind the team of the company goals and the tangible benefits of achieving those goals.

4. Benevolent

Let’s get back to that smile. Some leaders use fear as a motivator. I prefer the benevolent leader who shows kindness while still exhibiting both confidence and competence.

5. Better

We live in a competitive world. I do not agree with tearing down the reputation of a competitor. However, I am completely OK with proving that our company is BETTER than the competition! Teams want to follow winners, so great leaders prove they are the better… no, the absolute best… option for teams to achieve success.

6. Blessed

George Eliot said “Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.” Great leaders know when to speak. Better yet, they know when to be silent when they can add no additional value to the discussion.

7. Bodacious

Sorry folks, I’ve loved this word since I was a teenager… and a man should take every rare opportunity to use the word bodacious! Webster’s definition that gets me in less trouble is to be remarkable or noteworthy. Great leaders are remarkable. Great leaders are noteworthy. Great leaders are BODACIOUS!!

8. Boffo

Boffo means to be extremely successful or sensational. Great leaders guide their teams to extreme success and sensational results.

9. Boisterous

Boisterous can mean downright rowdy and rambunctious, but it also means being exuberant and in “high spirits.” A positive and enthusiastic attitude is contagious — get viral!

10. Bold

Virgil stated “Fortune favors the bold.” Teams want bold leaders. This does not mean the leaders take inappropriate risks or gambles with no preparation. However, leaders should not be paralyzed by fear of failure. Use fear as one of many counselors without allowing it to become shackles.

11. Bountiful

A bountiful leader is “liberal in bestowing gifts or favors.” Recognize team member achievements, bring in pizza on a Friday, or take the gang out to see a 3-D movie. Let the bountiful moments be consistent yet refreshingly unpredictable.

12. Brilliant

Great leaders do not need to be brilliant all the time. Consistency and stability go a long way to establishing trust with team members. However, the great leaders do have moments of brilliance and innovation. No Peter or Dilbert Principles here!

What do you think is the most bodacious quality in a great leader? Remember, you have to stick to the letter “B”, so do not jump ahead with an incredible “C” adjective!

As usual, I like to end this type of post with “what not to be.” Great leaders are never babbling, baffled, baleful, ballistic, bashful, beastly, belligerent, bitter, bizarre, boring, bossy, or brutal.

Now, GO BE BODACIOUS (I love that word)!

Republished with permission, courtesy of 12 Most. Photo via Kristina Alexanderson on Flickr.

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