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Pulse Analytics Social Media Monitoring – Independent Look Under the Covers

Pulse Analytics Social Media Monitoring – Independent Look Under the Covers

If you follow this blog, or any of my social profiles, you get an earful of Pulse Analytics evangelism. I think it is a great representation of the software development, business intelligence, and agile project management capabilities of Mantis Technology Group. Even if a prospective Mantis customer has NO INTEREST in social media monitoring, I often show Pulse Analytics just so people can get a glimpse of what is possible when the right software solution provider is working for them.

Mantis understands software development and delivery – Mantis understands data integration, text/sentiment analysis and data visualization – and Mantis understands BIG Data, HANA and Cloud implementations. And Mantis Pulse Analytics is the shining social media monitoring tool that showcases all of those competencies. Hey, we’re good…you should check us out!

But enough about my personal, and very biased, perspective. Timo Elliott recently attended a Mantis presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG 2013. He should get a double gold star because his blog post shows he paid very close attention! Read his outstanding summary of our SAPPHIRE presentation to better understand the science and technology behind Mantis Pulse Analytics. Sentiment analysis will never be 100% accurate, so get a glimpse on how Pulse Analytics intelligently adapts to suit each customer. And check out how SAP HANA allows Pulse Analytics to run sentiment analysis on millions of documents (tweets, Facebook/Google+ statuses, blog posts, product reviews, etc.)…in seconds!

Here is Timo Elliott’s blog post: Customized Voice of The Customer Analytics using SAP HANA

And of course, drop me a line on any of my social profiles if you want to see a live demo of Pulse Analytics – perhaps even using your brand’s data!

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