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Vickery Father’s Day Roundup – This Grumpy Cat Becomes a Softie

Vickery Father’s Day Roundup – This Grumpy Cat Becomes a Softie

I owe this digression from my planned blog post to Geoff Livingston and Ken Mueller. Their blog posts and tweets prompted an emotional response that led to this unexpected post. Thanks, guys…I hope you enjoy my Father’s Day Roundup.

Meanwhile, if you do not like personal blog posts, now would be a good time for you to go ahead and close this browser tab.

The Cornerstone

Putting it simply: I am abundantly blessed! I’m a couple weeks shy of celebrating 24 years of marriage with a wonderful woman who I adore. Krista Vickery’s smile and laugh still make my life better every day. She “took a flyer” on me when friends advised her NOT to marry me! You could understand their concerns – my father died when I was 4 years old, but not before my mother divorced him on her way through 4 marriages. I had little faith in the marriage institution as I witnessed the hypocrisy…adultery…and abuse that went with the “modern day” marriage. Why would I ever want to enter that type of relationship by choice (versus shotgun), and WHY ON EARTH would I bring kids into this world of deceit and abuse?!?

But my wife-to-be could see that I adored her, and I became a changed man the moment I laid eyes on her. We soon dreamed of having children.

The Vickery Girls

Boys grow up wanting to be doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs. I wanted to be an assassin. I was going to be different – I was going to remove evil from the world…my way. After meeting Krista, I went from wanting to rid the world of evil…to choking up at Disney Movies with my Vickery Girls (Krista, Alexis, and Savannah). And you should see me get riled up when watching Man On Fire or Taken (Daddy wants to protect his girls)! I still enjoy watching the videos I put together for my daughters’ graduation parties, alone, so I can privately celebrate how much they mean to me.

I can’t explain what it does to me when my girls call me Daddy. I love my life, and the Vickery Girls are my foundation. I will always treasure their Father’s Day wishes on Facebook this year because Alexis is now a Mommy starting her own family, and Savannah is getting ready to leave for college in the Fall.

Father's Day from Alexis

Father's Day


Father's Day


New Beginnings

Everybody has watched the Grinch, right? Whether you prefer the animated version, or Jim Carrey’s, there is the scene where the Grinch experienced unknown sensations as his heart “grew 3 sizes that day.” This was my first Father’s Day as a Granddaddy – and what is this grandkid doing to me?!? When Ethan smiles, I tear up as I feel my heart trying to explode out of my chest. When he cries getting into his car seat, I want to yank him out and protect him against the world. My Vickery Girls laugh as they see an even softer side of me they never saw when they were kids.

I don’t get it – but then, I don’t have to get it. I just need to enjoy every moment of being a Daddy/Granddaddy!

I am my family’s Patriarch, Provider, and Protector. This family is my life’s work! However, I understand there is a new Provider and Protector in town: my future son-in-law is doing a wonderful job as Ethan’s father and Alexis’ husband (in about 6 weeks). He understands and cherishes his role, and he knows it all started with the love for a girl. By keeping that “First Love” strong, he will be blessed abundantly and experience incredible joys each day – with a double dose of joy every Father’s Day!
Father's Day


Happy Father’s Day from the Vickerys – Young and Not As Young

I hope your Father’s Day was a blessing. Whether it was celebrating your own father/grandfather – celebrating being a father/grandfather – or everything in between, I hope there were plenty of smiles to go around. For those who painfully remembered the loss of loved ones, remind yourself that the pain is because you loved them so dearly. For those who would rather forget, choose to “Be The Difference” going forward. Be the best man YOU can be for the people you cherish most.

Happy belated Father’s Day…from my house to yours!

Father's Day


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  1. Brian, your post made my eyes puddle up. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your softer side with us. Wishing you a belated Happy Father’s and Granddaddy’s Day. ((HUGS)) and aloha. Janet

    • janetcallaway I always like it when you stop by, Janet – you always encourage! Glad you enjoyed the post…I have good “material” to inspire me every day!
      And thanks for the Fathers/Granddaddy Day wishes.