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10 Slam-Dunk Social Suggestions

10 Slam-Dunk Social Suggestions

Someone recently asked me to prepare a slide-deck for 10 actionable suggestions people could use to improve their social presence. Since I love sports, and a good alley-oop slam dunk, I came up with the 10 Slam-Dunk Social Suggestions and uploaded the slidedeck to Slideshare. Keep in mind that the slides are better when paired with my exemplary, storytelling skills (that’s Texan hyperbole, folks)!

Here are the highlights, and you can page through the slidedeck at the end of the post.

1. Get scientific about your Social Media Fitness

Research the platforms that are best suited for your audience and industry, and then develop consistent profiles there. Develop your “tribe” by carefully crafting it…not blindly following back. Curate great content from other established thought leaders while building your own style. Let that style come through on a micro-blog level (Twitter), and then grow into longer form like blogs and blog comments.

If you have the discipline, take it to the next level through speaking engagements or publishing a book.

2. Be Batman

Batman did not have super-powers, but boy did he have cool gadgets! There are plenty of tools out there to make your social media efforts more efficient. Find people you respect in social media, and follow their lead for awhile. And definitely share and write/speak about what you BELIEVE (your “cause”).

Sorry, I can’t help you with the billion dollars…did I mention the cool gadgets?

3. Develop your own voice

This slide has the cover art for the movie Pitch Perfect…which happens to be one of the most quoted movies in teen-dom nowadays. This vocal group went away from being clones and posers – where they could get lost in the “noise” of everybody doing the same thing – and they cultivated their own edgy voice.

Which was great because that Ace of Base song was driving me nuts (yes, I watched the movie…I like tight vocal harmonies).

4. Cultivate – without gaming – your influence

This slide has a Klout screenshot, so that picture should generate some barbs from my lovable peanut gallery of hecklers. The lesson is to ensure that people and algorithms (whether it be influence scoring or Google) view you as influential for your target topics. Coffee and Cats are not going to help my bottom line, but people may ask me about social media monitoring if my day-to-day interactions show I’m knowledgeable in that topic.

As for LinkedIn endorsements – stop it, please! LinkedIn is too polished and professional without “cheapening the experience” by gamifying it. Pursue and put more stock in recommendations where connections take the time to provide written details on your qualifications and strengths.

And don’t forget that influence extends into real life, too – don’t just cultivate an online presence without getting out and shaking a few hands and networking!

5. Focus on fundamentals and work ethic

Always be a student of the game and try to improve your craft daily. My mindset is that there will always be someone on this planet better than me – at everything. But are they willing to work as hard to achieve their goals?

Focus on the fundamentals and commit to out-hustle the competition.

6. Assist your tribe

I love cold calling – said no one ever! Our best business opportunities still come via the warm leads and referrals. Look for opportunities to engage and collaborate with your tribe. One of my favorite sayings is “When you dish out an assist for an alley-oop, both players fill the stat sheet“.

7. Sharing is caring

Trust relationships grow through sharing. You are *NEVER* entitled to reciprocity, but let the generous sharing START with you! If you want your content to get shared, create good content.

8. Listen

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” ~ Epictetus

People are already talking about you and your brand. It takes active listening to find those conversations and understand their context. You can listen with tools like Google Alerts and Hootsuite “streams” based upon keywords. You can bump up the listening efforts by adding sentiment analysis and the ability to slice-and-dice data across topics/channels/geographies using enterprise products like Pulse Analytics.

9. Engage courteously and within context

Another one of my sayings is “Social media monitoring – without engagement – is like diagnosing an illness and refusing the cure.” People need to know that we are listening, and that we care about their opinions and issues. We start with “active listening”, but we win with active and courteous engagement.

10. Take the field regardless of the odds

Did you see the Michigan Wolverines beat the Kansas Jayhawks in the 2013 NCAA March Madness tourney? Kansas was up by 5 points with 21 seconds to play, but Michigan kept fighting…and won. The heavily favored Denver Broncos were up 7 pts on the Baltimore Ravens with 1:07 to play in their NFL playoff game, and they lost. Your incumbent and heavily favored competitors are NOT invincible! Who remembers Prodigy, Compuserve, and Atari nowadays?

Take the field and take your chances (opportunities) for the win!

Enjoy the slidedeck, and feel free to add to the list with your comments!

[slideshare id=23255246&doc=10slam-dunksocialsuggestions-130620154609-phpapp01]


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  1. yup, this works as a deck, for shizzle :-)

    • dinodogan Awesome, thanks Dino.

  2. These points are great Brian! #6 and #7 are so key to one’s social success online.

    • lisabuben290 I agree, Lisa – kinda along the lines of “people do not care what you know until they know that you care”. Assisting your tribe through referrals, and sharing their content, are crucial.