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What Is YOUR Version of “Release The Manning”?

What Is YOUR Version of “Release The Manning”?

As the NFL playoffs loom, Denver Broncos fans are constantly heckled about stats showing Peyton Manning can’t win in the cold. Two of the biggest stats: (1) 10 wins – 10 losses when temperatures are below 40 degrees, and (2) a quarterback rating of 76.7 when the temperature is below 30 degrees…20 points lower than his career average. We all know that stats can tell just about any story we want. Manning naysayers never point out that 90% of those losses (18 out of 20) were played on the road – and that 70% of NFL teams have a sub-500 record on the road. And last I checked, Manning wasn’t responsible for catching the balls, defending the opposition’s offense, or special teams. Quarterbacks just historically get too much of the credit…and take too much of the blame. Well, I think both Peyton Manning and Broncos coordinator Adam Gase got tired of answering the questions – so they decided to “Release the Manning” on the Titans when the temperature at kickoff was 18 degrees.

The Result: 39 completions out of 59 attempts (receivers dropped several on-target balls), 397 yards, 4 TDs to zero interceptions, a quarterback rating of 107.8! 

Manning proved his naysayers wrong with his performance – how can YOU prove your doubters wrong? What is your own version of “Release the Manning”?

  • When I told my son-in-law about this blog topic, he said he was going to “Release the Manning” at work this week. As a software developer, he has been succeeding with assigned development tasks that were “in his sweet spot”. He wants to prove he can tackle tasks outside of his comfort zone, so he asked for new tasks that would challenge his weak spots. He wants to prove to his employer that he can expand his skill set and make the extra effort to grow professionally.
  • Perhaps you are a person who has acknowledged technical prowess, but you have a reputation for not being a good communicator. You can “Release the Manning” by doing a presentation for a professional organization – or even start out with a Brown Bag technical session at work.
  • Perhaps you are a brand with recognized competencies, but you are getting “looked over” for new opportunities because clients do not think you have the required skill set. “Release the Manning” by building a team where the individuals have proven track records for delivering the desired solutions (even if it takes making new hires). Then present their resumes with a presentation on how YOUR proven processes and leadership – along with the “best in class” hires you made – are the right choice to deliver on these new opportunities. And make sure that slide deck finds its way to your corporate website AND SlideShare!
  • You know your competitors are picking on gaps in YOUR brand’s solutions to distinguish themselves when presenting to new prospects. “Release the Manning” by working to fill those gaps, and then include proof of your COMPLETE solution with a presentation to those same prospects. Better yet, do a webinar for all of your prospects, and then include screenshots and the video on your company website – so the whole world can discover your complete solutions.

What perceived weaknesses do your naysayers and competitors pick on with you and your brand? What is YOUR version of “Release the Manning”?

Credits: I got the “Release the Manning” expression from D-Mac on 104.3 The Fan. Photo titled Peyton Manning 2012 by Jeffrey Beall, on Flickr.

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  1. I think all the criticism sufficiently pissed him off.  Now do you want to play him in the cold?  I wouldn’t!

    • geoffliving He was getting pretty snippy in his interviews. Just amazing that in the last 8-9 games, his QBR in freezing weather is better than his CAREER QBR. He just can’t win the game by himself!

      He might be playing in another cold one tonight against the Chargers (getting down to 25 degrees). As long as there is no wind…