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IRL – Taking it to the Tennis Courts to Build Relationships

IRL – Taking it to the Tennis Courts to Build Relationships

I wanted to try out my new Makayama iPad3 Movie Mount, so here is a vlog describing another In Real Life (IRL) adventure. In this case, I am taking it to the tennis courts to build a business relationship!

Use IRL meetings to discover common interests as a foundation for building business relationships

As you watch the following video, consider these questions and notes:

  • How are you adding value to your business relationships?
  • Are you moving past email and social media to meet people in real life?
  • Are you cultivating depth in business relationships by finding common interests?
  • Do you know your customer’s needs, or do you only know what you are selling?
  • For more about Return on Relationship, I invite you to read Ted Rubin’s content on the subject. He is both frank and knowledgeable.

By the way, that Makayama movie mount is outstanding. It provides a sturdy case for the iPad3, and it fits on a regular camera tripod for more granular control to focus on a target. It beats trying to find a fallen tree branch to prop up the iPad on these remote vlogs! My bluetooth microphones should arrive in a couple of days, so I may do a review on using both the Makayama movie mount and the microphones for vlogs. Let me know if you are interested.

*FYI, the movie mount hyperlink is not an affiliate link because I do not monetize this blog. This blog is intended to educate and engage with my online friends in order to build trust that may lead to doing business together.

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Brian Vickery

I love my Vickery Girls - and grandsons! My career has blessed me to the point I was able to start a new consultancy in 2018: Analytic Integrity. I look to provide analytic experience, and business integrity, to an Analytics world while helping data-driven organizations mature. I enjoy teaching and coaching, watching football and basketball, and playing tennis. I graduated UT-Austin.

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  1. Great post Brian, and thanks for the shout out! It’s all about relationships :-)

    • Thought you would like that, Ted. I enjoy your concepts, your communication style, your priorities (I have two daughters)…and your own vlogs!

  2. Building those relationships offline seems essential in most business situations! I love doing it personally!

    • It is absolutely great when you can build the relationships in person, Mimi. I understand that travel restrictions may force some compromise, but even then I prefer to take it to the phone and now Google+ Hangouts to build depth and familiarity in the relationship.

      We had a great time playing tennis, and then we followed it up by hitting a BBQ place for a Beer and BBQ sandwich. During that time we touched upon several topics, so building depth and trust in that relationship that hopefully results in doing business together in the future.

  3. I had no idea you were so tech savvy. Ipad keeps looking like a better and better purchase.

    • I never would have justified an iPad for personal use…that’s a lot of money. However, having purchased one for business, I’ve discovered how pervasive it is in all aspects of life.

      And I do not even play games…